REPORT: Las Vegas Reporter MURDERED For Exposing Politician |Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar cover the shocking report about a Las Vegas investigative journalist being murdered for exposing the misdeeds of a local politician

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Derek Thompson:

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  1. you screw with a mans livelihood…. What did you think was going to happen. I am super surprised reporters dont think of that before going on a mission against a person of means…..that and the fact that some people have nothing to lose..

  2. Moral of the story, if you're a journalist exposing political/corporate wrongdoings…carry a freaking gun!!!!!

    It's better to be cleared of taking a life in self-defense, than to lose your own, and be remembered as a journalistic hero.

  3. Anyone want a good watch? Look up mindy Robinson route 91 festival shooting documentary. YouTube prompts you with a disclaimer TWICE which is a sign mindys over the target. Spoiler alert! Many many shooters with documentation across the strip! Videos and audio and witness testimony! They talked about parkland for a year! They swept the largest mass shooting event under the rug in a week! Wha?!

  4. Conservatives have the biggest victimhood complex ever. All they are doing on here is crying about the fact this guy was a democrat and they didn't mention that fact soon enough lol. Sorry to break it to you but murder occurs in both political parties. In fact two republican politicians were charged with murder this year in 2022. Republican election official Ellen Wink murdered her tenant and Andrew Wilhoite who won the GOP primary in an Indiana election murdered his wife. These two murders happened this year in 2022. You people have the biggest victim complex ever

  5. Im shocked but at the same teim iI am not really all that surprised. This country isn't what people think it is. This place is controlled by the powerful. This is what they do.

  6. You both carefully avoided mentioning this guy was a Democrat. The only point it was mentioned was that he was part of the Democratic Primary. Also Clark county? What was this reporter actually investigating???

  7. The thing that always bothered me about following up on those type of 'workplace' or even personal – alcoholism/drug abuse or spousal abuse or criminal children – was knowing or at least getting the sense (every time) that the people feeding me the information were benefitting from the person's downfall. It is self-induced on their part, but when your name is in the byline and your words destroy/dismantle a person's career and personal life…..shit is serious. This reporter sounds like a brass balls pro — i just wonder why he wasn't ready to not be a victim given the list of stories he's chased in the past?

  8. Mr. German is due his respect. These two pretty talking heads joking and laughing at such a tragedy is a shameful example of today’s crappy news media outlets. I’m sure Mr. German’s family appreciates their professionalism.

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