REPORT: Ukraine Suffers Heavy Losses In Counteroffensive | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar analyze reporting about the high casualties suffered by Ukrainian forces in their southern counteroffensive against Russia

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Derek Thompson:

Written by Breaking Points


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  1. I stopped listening when they started off on the spending rant. Russia intends to invade Moldova next. If we don't stop them in Ukraine, that will happen. And then it'll be on to the next country after Moldova. You guys really need a former intelligence analysis or something to cover these topics. It's embarrassingly bad.

  2. Breaking points missing the mark today… unfortunate, but no one can have a perfect record… It is far too soon to say that the offensive is looking bleak or the Ukraine war is going well, if social media was invented back in world war 2, these reports would be the same. Mass untold deaths, let’s not get started on the news of the battle of the bulge coverage, or the slow grind of the pacific with suicide bombers and just unnatural zeal of the Japanese, no, as someone who is looking on a strategic level and taking out all the biases and politics, it’s way too soon to tell. An offensive is always going to be costly. Ukraine has a good plan, it’s all depends on who has more to lose at this point.

  3. Strategically speaking, if he can take out that bridge and cut off the water access right by that bridge, he cuts off the irrigation for the eastern occupied part of Ukraine and locks out the russian Tanks, the only bridge tanks can get over. so it is the place to take a stand. makes retaking those other cities, easier. Also why its an All IN fight for the Russian troops as well.

  4. Dude, the American people are not going to start questioning shit, just like they aren’t questioning purchasing 170 million dose of the new Covid vaccine which was only tested on 8 mice. NOBODY CARES. Nobody cares how little sense it makes, nobody cares what astronomical figure it is, nobody is going to argue, just vote harder for democrats because abortion.

  5. So a soldier reports of heavy loses, Russia using white phosphorous and cluster munitions… yet Krystal and Saagar continue to focus that Ukraine wasn't/isn't worth defending because… war is hell and people die?! Yes, it's horrible but this wasn't Ukraine invading Russian territory. This was a belligerent who didn't like how a SOVEREIGN country operated so they launched a major campaign while LYING to the world forum all the way until the first strikes were conducted. Relisten to Putin's speech he made prior to the invasion. This wasn't just a fight for Ukraine but an attempt at eventually retaking the entirety of the former Russian Empire.

  6. Well maybe they shouldn't have followed their leaders in picking a fight with them. Pretty sure the general public of Ukraine didn't want anything to do with this.
    Also, seems like most of the people in western Ukraine are going about their day like nothing is going on.
    This whole thing is a scam.

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