Reporters FIND Something In Biden’s Spending That EXPOSES Him On SERIOUS HYPOCRISY!!


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  1. He has been in decline for awhile now. The donkey ASSES knew this when they cheated him into office. The democrats hold the trophy of destroying this country! And they are still not happy. They are responsible for the great sadness I feel for this man and his family. They have put one of their own on the chopping block for history!

  2. Stay at the white house! Paying for that fence is just salt in the wound! I bet the average contractor could install that fence for a tenth of that cost! You know he will get kickbacks from that fence.

  3. What's New the bidens have been exposed in every criminal act that there is practically including treason to our country if you ask me and many others who are exercising their opinions freedom of speech biden wants to take that too and you're right to religious practice and guns and it just never ends how can he believe in God when he acts like he is God

  4. It scares me that I can understand Bidenese. What he meant to say was "As one commuter said, if you're on the train and they say Portal Bridge is out you know you better make other plans."
    Should we be more scared that Biden can no longer read his telepromptor, or that we don't know who is controlling his telepromptor?

  5. Given the opportunity, I would not shake Biden's hand anyway–he hasn't earned it. However, I think we should pray for Biden because as much as he has enjoyed the power handed to him over his lifetime, it seems likely that Joe's existence will not be pleasant after God has decided that Joe's physical life has ended.

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