Reporters Go Into Panic Mode As Based Man Spits Facts Against The Narrative LIVE

My dude brought the facts non-stop. They didn’t know what hit them…HAHAHA.


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  1. My country's media said this instead:
    0:55 It was Russian helicopters confirmed by…someone?
    1:08 It was said but never shown on the media here. Because you know, that would make people think.
    1:20 Nobody has ever said anything about this in our media here. I had to find this online to find that statement to see what he ment here.

  2. Memo.. MEMO!! YOU THE MAN!!
    THIS IS GOLD. I cried tears of laughter, so caught off guard with the facts incoming buzzer, then Sachs goes full truth .
    Cried laughing then she said tit for tat!!!
    Something that could cause WWII & she says tit for tat??! I lost it. Laughing half an hour. Watched twice since. This is comedy gold. Tit for Tat! Causing WWIII & she says tomato tomato??! 🤣🤣🤣 But no, we could never try to find out who done it. Oh, my….

  3. The fucking democratic party has done nothing but add to the potential threat of nuclear fallout. When will people realise that the old school democrates A have no fucking brains and B will do anything in thier power to make whatever bad situation even worse. Good one US you failed again. Guess what the rest of the world is fucking on to you and you will absolutely be held accountable for your dismal display of utter incompetence. Don't fuck with the nerds of the world we have ways of outsmarted you each and every time. Dear putin I'm pretty sure the majority of the world would turn a blind eye should you decide you want to cleanly and concisely massacre the treasonous bastards.

  4. Anyone with half a braincell can put two and two together and know it was the USA that destroyed the Nord Stream 2 Pipeline.
    Europe didn't give America the war it wanted so these are the tactics it resorts to.

  5. Even if there was no evidence, why aren’t people even allowed to talk about it ir speculate on what is known? If its norhing to worry about why are reporters so worried?

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