Reporting from the ground in Donbas

In a live interview with Max Blumenthal and Anya Parampil, reporter Alejandro Kirk details what he’s seen inside and around the strategic battlefront city of Mariupol. Kirk has been reporting from the front lines of Donbas for HispanTV, and puncturing the one-sided narrative fed to Western audiences.

Written by The Grayzone

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  1. a german journalist with his girl friend was captured in kiev 3 weeks ago by sbu. he made a report about medcine toruismus;
    they were put in a cell with 5 ukranians and 1 russian; arabic sounding men they could here, too.
    no food; one of the cell mates was brutally tortured.; all of their cell mates were shot. they could hear it.

    their families in germany were called, strangly with german numbers (sip hack). his mother called german embassy and told that the 2 were missing and maybe in prision. embassy didnt do anything.. the 2 got free. and are back in germany.
    if they had a russian phone number they would have been also killed. one ward wanted to kill them they said in that interview.
    they are hiding and still fear the regime.

    btw in ukraine if you dont want to join the war, you go to jail but there is no death penalty. why get ukranian men shot if they dont want to enter the war?

  2. Isn't it funny when the channel The Greyzone actually invites someone who is in the actual Greyzone at this moment? 😂

    Kirk is cool. I love to watch him, Patrick Lancaster, Graham Phillips, Gonzalo Lira…

  3. I propose that selling war equipment (arms, munitions etc) should be banned and made strictly illegal. There are reasons to object to such a proposal of course, but I think the debate for this position could be won. Weapons and arms given would have to be given completely gratis, with no commitments for debt owed or possible means for "recompense" admissible for consideration.

    Both the sellers and buyers of war time military supplies and equipment should then, I say, be assailable to thorough and effective prosecution and profit confiscation.

    The most striking reason to support such idea/proposal is that it would remove a significant incentive for the development and prosecution of war. But another, perhaps equally strong justification exists.

    This is that during war time, as witnessed in the present Russia vs Ukraine and NATO "allies", it has been quite effectively argued (e.g. by Ryan Grimm of the Hill's Rising), that the country at war must act with exceptional military efficiency, and therefore the suspension of the normal democratic process is legitimate and justified. This is exemplified, for example, in the Zelensky adminstrations outlawing of the principal political opposition parties, and the arrest of their leaders, the banning of dissenting media outlets, and so on.

    But unfortunately, when "the Ukraine accepts" foreign (especially, U.S.) "military aid", it is, effectively all Ukrainian people who are being saddled with lifetimes of indenturing financial debt, and not the tiny minority of government officials who might actually be profitting from the arms "deal". And even if the battle is hopeless and the armaments will almost certainly be seized and or destroyed, the crisis of the conflict, and the very real tragedy of those whose lives are ruined and destroyed by it, is used to justify "the deal".

    Well, sure, "who's going to enforce such a law" is a perfectly resonable "rebuttal". But I think it is something to simply put forward the idea that those currently selling arms are indeed scoundrels worthy of general condemnation. I think too many "voters" of our "representative democracies" are currently willing to accept the MSM narative that the "arms" are desperately needed, and we are somehow stepping up and doing our part to aid a friend in need by "supplying" weapons. We should, I think, do what we can to ensure that war is not proffitable for anyone. That's it. That's the thought I wanted to share.

  4. Zelensky calls for nothing, he follows his script, he make no decisions. This is a humorless joke. Zelensky is the manifestation of what the U.S. attempted with Guido in Venezuela.

  5. Its seems Kiev and Liev are untouchable cities by the Russian. The US-NATO/EU are so free to come and leave both these cities without total hindrance. This is like a clown war.

  6. This video SUCKS because of the failed quality and Max should take it down because it's counter productive to produce such low quality that it hurts your bran. That said, what little is new in it is true, and everything Kirk has done has been available via TeleSur here on Youtube, so people confused by this awful vid should just go there. Max take this down.

  7. Please note how YT are shadowbanning comments in a very cunning way these days. If you are not welcome on their platform then they may still allow you to comment BUT importantly they will not let you reply to ANY other comments at all – even denying you the right to reply to clarify or refute direct challenges to your own comments! That way they make sure that only the right sort of people saying "the right things" get to have the final say in any comment stream. It's quite a sophisticated form of censorship and something nobody seems to notice very much. And I can testify from personal experience that this kind of shadowbanning has been going on for months and months already. More pertinently it likely explains why nearly all the positive comments here have received strongly negative attacks yet there are no further responses (even while the number of replies sometimes exceeds the number of comments available to read). As I say this has been happening for ages although on other occasions they have just shadowbanned me outright – making it impossible for me to comment at all on many uploads.

  8. Excellent podcast and very fair. Thankyou! On the other hand the Trigonometry channel has become a completely biased podcast and a disappointment – this channel is losing credibility fast.

  9. Yes we do…thank-you for getting the real message of what is happening vice the tangle of propaganda the western mass media is spewing. Hopefully that will finally make it to other reporting sources to expose the Ukraine/ NATO coverup!

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