Reporting from Ukraine: Lindsey Snell

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Lindsey Snell, journalist at, crossed the Ukraine border to talk to soldiers and civilians. What she found surprised her:

There are Ukrainian forces who are “openly Neonazis, and we’re still giving them weapons and calling them something that they’re not.” All across the frontlines Lindsey found swastikas, SS symbols, and Wolfsangels. But negative news in Ukraine undermines the West’s mission to bleed Russia and sell more weapons, so corporate US media paints over it.

Lindsey also found that while the western mercenaries who flew over to kill Russians are loving the war, most of the Ukrainians she spoke to, both soldiers and citizens, want it to end.

“The corruption and lack of equipment is worse in Ukraine than anywhere I’ve been, Syria, Iraq, Libya. It’s just so bad.” And for the Ukrainians who are starving, losing their homes, and dying, “there’s no end in sight.”

What’s worse — as is the norm with guests on Useful Idiots — no one in western media will report on Lindsey’s story. “Journalists come and see how corrupt everything is and that the soldiers have nothing, but none of is is reflected in mainstream reporting. It’s very well known but it’s just not getting past the filter of western media.”

Plus, subscribe for the full interview, where Lindsey shares the story of getting kidnapped in Syria, how the war is hurting Europeans, and Turkey’s potential invasion of Syria (that you probably won’t hear about).

It’s all this, and more, on this week’s episode of Useful Idiots. Check it out.

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13:36 Mick Wallace and Claire Daly interview

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  1. Here's a possible spin on the Hitler watch purchase, maybe the anonymous European Jewish buyer bought it to keep it out of the hands of some Neo-Nazi collector …. essentially buy it, to bury it? That would be the one positive spin on it. Otherwise, it's rather confounding.

  2. I consider myself politically moderate. Or centrist. This is going somewhere. but what would be an alternative approach, thats not only good for us, but also we could get everyone to agree on?

  3. ''The West, led by the Americans (US oligarchs) believe they've been entrusted by God to decide the fate of other people. the US prefers not to be guided by International Law but by the rule of the gun. They have come to believe in their own exceptionalism, believing that they can decide the destinies of the world and that only they can ever be right" –Putin

  4. P.S. I think the interview with Lindsey Snell was one of the most important done on Useful Idiots, but you need to correct a typo in the description at the end which refers to last week's interview with Mick Wallace and Claire Daly rather than this week's with Snell.

  5. “I mean, I really miss war, that was the last time I felt like I had a purpose…” How utterly pathetic. The desperate, crazed, insatiable demand for meaning and purpose is the greatest evil in the human condition. Humans have seemingly no limit on the depravity they will commit in the name of “meaning” and “purpose”. Pathetic. Absolutely pathetic. Grow up, “Sean” from Canada, get a handle on your existential crisis in a way that does not make you a blood-thirsty killer, you absolute shame to humanity.

  6. Got Info why Zelensky or more precise US team sending poor equipped Ukrainains towards Russia,.
    Firstly for PR stunts, but also because US know that Russia will win at the end, US is also aware that 2/3 of Ukrainian dont really hate Russians,
    but if many Ukrainain family lost their family members, because of Russia they will hate Russia,
    which will become a problem in the future for Russia to manage Ukraine after the war, it is very cynical but it is US way of doing business

  7. 38:00 About HIMARS: The only difference between Himars and older (10 years) Ukrainain Smerch system is GPS guidance in Himars that mean that Himars can hit more precise aproximately 3 time more precise, it can hit a circle less than 15m in diameter, but it have a little smaller war head and less rockets in one batch, Himars have 8pcs of 220mm rockets , Smerch have 10pcs of 300 mm rockets. If you need to hit a bridge the Himars is better, but then again with Smerch you can send more rockets with a bigger war head and probability to hit a bridge is quite close to the Himars.
    So called game changer status for himars is achieved with smart tactics. DPR&LPR have quite good air defense however you can overload them with multiple rockets like smerch or other or even drons all at one time, because of that LPR/DPR forces need to reload the system with new rockets in a short window of reloading, Ukraina with the US intelegence data can send few Himars in to the DPR/LPR territory, which is later presented as a miracle weapon.

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