Republican Files Federal Election Complaint Against Twitter Over Trump Censorship, GOP Is COMING

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  1. you tube, therefore google, has apparently purged all coverage of the socialist riots. All new coverage stopped as of Saturday night. We are now in a communist totalitarian technocracy.

  2. Funny how right after mail in ballot controversy, country reopening and social media exec order, riots break out.
    Riots are a tactic to keep people from going to voting places.

  3. There are other alternatives to tweeter and Facebook they have gotten to big and are very unfair to conservatives they have been out of control to long and very political , shut them down if necessary everything and everyone is replaceable

  4. "thanks for your feedback" – Twitter lawyer on Joe Rogan podcast when Tim Poole listed several times their rules weren't applied evenly….

  5. Tim Pool: I don't believe in selling supplements and that kind of stuff

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  6. What Tim is missing is that after Twitter and facebook is gone new platforms will grow that have a chance to be truly a platform for free speach.

  7. Publishers vs platforms does not exist in the law. I'm getting tired of repeating this. Go watch my live stream on the subject for a reading of the actual law and an explanation.

  8. Section 230 does not leave room for what you are calling proper enforcement. You need to read the law and understand that it gives blanket immunity for censorship. Stop pretending otherwise.

  9. It seems to me, the precedent has already been set. If the president is using his twitter account to "officially" communicate to the American people such that he cannot block anyone, how can it be appropriate for twitter to in any way modify, editorialize, or censor that same president? I mean, if the president himself cannot choose who "hears" him, how in the world can a third party do it.

  10. Tim always covers for the left saying it’s not a conspiracy or intentional…. Sorry Timmy my eyes do not lie to me. The evidence is all around you

  11. Hmm, what about g-mail starts Fact Checking emails I receive? Isn't it that every email subscription is comparable to a hash tag on Twitter?

  12. 230 isnt going to be removed. Trump pushes hard, so that when the Senate argues against removing it, they appear to be more moderate. Its like bartering. You go high and then meet somewhere in the middle. It will more likely be amended, so that it stipulates that you cannot edit, or ban people for something that does not actually violate laws. You will not be able to block posts because of partisan fact checking. I recently had a post on facebook blocked because it promoted violence and hate speech. It was an American flag with the song playing "Proud to be an American." 230 NEEDS to be amended.

  13. It probably would be a good thing if we got rid of Twitter and Facebook. Think of the times before we had them. We still had cnn and msnbc and all the rest and the world was way better. Social media is ruining the world. Most people are paying attention to this stuff now bc its so readily available in their face on their phone. All these people aren't going to watch cnn all the sudden bc theirs no Twitter or Facebook. Most people dont watch the news. They only see this shit bc it gets tweeted or posted to facebook or youtube. Take that away and they just won't see it. Some will but most won't.

  14. Yes, Tim, it is an in-kind contribution when a company's employees are tasked with criticizing the president's messages and told to leave his challengers (insane) messages unchallenged.

  15. They're censoring, and silencing people in favor of their candidate, come on. The left wing given the advantage, and they're still Losers LOL