Republican Voters Reporting Strange Poll Problems During Recall Vote | Direct Message | Rubin Report

Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report talks about voters reporting difficulty trying to vote for Larry Elder in the California recall election, Joe Biden being booed at the 9/11 memorial,
vaccine mandate backlash, and Bill Maher decrying the left for encouraging segregation. First, Dave shares a news clip of Woodland Hills voters in California sharing their stories of their polling problems. When they arrive to vote, poll workers are telling them that they already voted in the recall election. The recall Gavin Newsom election is in its final days. Will Larry Elder overcome these hurdles to become the next California governor? Next, Joe Biden is getting enormous amounts of backlash for his COVID vaccine mandate. While the Biden administration is resorting to force to deal with vaccine hesitancy to fight the Delta variant it was not long ago he was questioning the COVID 19 vaccine. Dave shares video of Kamala Harris, Dr. Fauci, and Joe Biden all being skeptical of the vaccine when it was under the Trump administration. Dave also questions why there is a vaccine mandate exemption for members of congress and their staff. Finally, Dave shares a clip from Real Time with Bill Maher where Bill lashes out at the left for encouraging things like Alicia Keys playing Lift Every Voice and Sing as the black national anthem at an NFL game. He sees the left increasingly encouraging segregation, under a different name. He also decries colleges having segregated graduations. Is Bill ready to leave the left?


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Written by The Rubin Report

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  1. Gavin got 80 million votes and Larry got 800 votes ………………. THEY USED THE SAME MACHINES from the election FUNNY same result was with Trump and Biden ………………………

  2. OK we can all pick points and say, what if DT did it.

    But it doesn't deflect from the fact that you have voted in, controlled by MSM, a vegetable and are a laughing stock.

    I am not qualified to comment on the mental state of Biden but IMHO I have more intelligent wildlife in my garden and they are not as corrupt.

  3. It's not the votes that count, it's the people who count the votes ~ Joseph Stalin. So why couldn't the republicans foresee that there was going to be an issue here or anywhere for that matter by now, is it just plain negligence or is it posturing and pretending like they're making an attempt at winning but really not, playing bad cop good cop but both are on the same side??

  4. I like moderate Democrats that love America. I worked for one for 12 years. His brother in law was my Boy Scout Master (he was the troop's Scout Master for a few decades). I respected both of them & their opinions greatly. The problem with that is that. V"

  5. Dave, your people need to do research on Fauci and HIV aids. Also about the lie of where it came. Maybe look up to see if its been patent. You can only patent something that's manmade. I'm glad you backed Elder. If I lived there I would vote for him. All Newsom has been doing , is using the happy community.

  6. Biden is only the president of the corporation of America , Dave, not the President of America. There are 2 Constitutions. 1776 is the real Constitution. All people need to do is look it up. I did because I didn't believe it. We already have heard am unity. There again, the virus has been in the patent records since the early 2000's. There's been a patent on the vaccine since 2008- 2018. Wasn't that before we even knew about the virus?

  7. If you vote Republican or for a candidate the system is against, the system will not count your vote or magically screw up… the democrat candidates will always be easy to vote for and Republican candidates will be difficult to even find on the ballot well what a coincidence

    Also how did greusome still win?

  8. UNTIL ALL DEMS are once and for all thrown out in the ABYSS OF OBLIVION, there will never ever be a CLEAN HONEST ELECTIONS. They control even the slightest nooks of majority federal states. SEE this openly DEM- DEMONIZED fauci who's supposed to be non-political partisan since he's dealing with precious LIVES!!!

  9. Love you Dave, but it is deceiving to leave out Kamala's full comment. She really says that she is not going to go by what Trump tells her to do- BUT she will take the vaccine if Fauci says people should.

  10. I'm sitting in South Africa laughing. We are in many ways a VERY liberal country. About 91% of us are POC, yet showing ID to vote is a legal requirement. I'm petty sure this is true for most, if not all, of Africa. Yet, Americans of African descent are apparently somehow not able to get ID? Talk about the subtle racism of lowered expectations. Our government just wants to steal our money, while your government wants to steal your fundamental rights.

    Finally, Joe stole the election and Epstein didn't kill himself.

  11. Re 20:28, fishy faux fauci lies again: he was born 1940 and finished his residency in 1968. MMR was released (unlikely mandatory) in 1971. What “school” was he attending at 30 that would have required he take the MMR?

  12. Most conservative households were not sent mail-in ballots and not allowed to vote on Election Day due to "registration errors" after voting all my life with no problem. Newsom would certainly be recalled if the election was honest and everyone knows it. I'm leaving CA early next year not because of the corruption, but simply because the roads are the filthiest in the nation and the people are nasty.

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