Republicans DEMAND Emergency Session In PA As NEW Evidence Of Fraud Emerges, SCOTUS Getting Involved

Republicans DEMAND Emergency Session In PA As NEW Evidence Of Fraud Emerges, SCOTUS Getting Involved. Several whistleblowers have come forward with serious allegations that require investigation.

One driver says he drove 100,000 ballots from New York To PA and the Republicans in PA say there is no explanation for why that would happen.
Democrats have repeatedly said its too late as December 8th is the deadline for dispute resolution but now the Supreme Court is involved.

SCOTUS has docketed a lawsuit challenging Act 77, no excuse mail in voting, and Alito has ordered the state’s lawyers to respond by December 9th.


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Written by Tim Pool

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  1. If we can know for a fact that someone put a losing candidate in the white house via fraud, there should be no limit to the amount of time in which that can be overturned. They seriously expect to knowingly have a guy in office who wasn't elected, just because time ran out. That's coming from the same people who cried about fake election interference for 4 years.

  2. the democrats cheated, everyone knows it. Trump won big in all these states, dems panicked, paused the counts, and stuffed the ballot box, if they are allowed to get away with this civil war begins

  3. A milk toast fence sitter is probably the best person to get your news from because he can't decide which side he's on he will give you more information about both sides and you can decide for yourself

  4. Gee . . . completed ballots on OCT 21st. Too bad NO PHOTOS were taken . . . NO SAMPLES gathered. Where is the BILL of LADING? WHO is the Trucking Company?

  5. If these politicians (who claim they were voted into office fairly) won't allow WE THE PEOPLE a FAIR ELECTION, then WE THE PEOPLE CAN'T TRUST THESE CORRUPTED POLITICIANS and need to remove them by force, since the voting is not FAIR to remove them in an election.

  6. Just have another election. No mail in ballots this time. If trump wins by land slide then …….just more proff that the demo Rats cheated. But we already know what they did. Everybody knows!!!

  7. PLEASE, make a video on what decriminalizing marijuana would mean. Would it criminalize the actual industry of selling and stop tax revenue from being created?????!‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️

  8. ….I went to Sky News Australia to look at the footage (because they don't have a dog in the fight), and I saw what exactly is alleged. Dems: "Who ya gonna believe, me or your lying eyes." Everyone else: "Sure as shit NOT YOU, DEMS!"