Researchers unable to get papers peer reviewed (Norman Fenton & Bret Weinstein)

Fauci and Birx are liars.

Bret speaks with Norman Fenton on the failure of academia and our medical system that COVID has revealed. They discuss how Wikipedia, the greatest encyclopedia to date, has become a political weapon, and how big an issue this actually is.

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  1. I had some trust issues in the medical field from past
    experiences. When the vaccine for COVID-19 came out, I told my wife lets wait a while and see the results of this new type of vaccine. Since I am retired from the military, I took many types of vaccines. As the waiting begin, I started to get news that was changing about the safety of the vaccine. That news did not come from Main Stream news outlets. Some main stream news started to play Dr and sciencist and try to convince the puplic to get vaccinated. They even called the unvaccinated public names if they did not take the test vaccine. Many people caved because that was the only news they listen to. They believed in the lies that was told to the whole country. There are still many people who still believe the vaccine is the greatest thing since green cheese. The news station know that if they repeat something over and over again some people will always believe it. There is a word for this method I prefer not to use.
    We still have portions of the population that don't use cell phones or computers. Most of their news come from the TV. The program would not have worked unless the public news was involved. I have yet to hear anyone come forward and admit that the first information that came out was incorrect. So there goes your trust issues. That also include where the virus came from as well. Sooner or later this thing will blow wide open in my opinion.

  2. I understand that the fully trained expert in Obstetrics and still a front line operator Dr James Thorp MD has actually shown the gagging documents sent out to the General medical practitioners….
    Please can you revisit the actual use of the synthesised SP1 ingredient… What is now going to be present in the new bivalent ; it appears that a further boost based on the original pseudouridine is going to be continued…!!??? But what do you think is going to be used for the BA1, or the BA4/5 second stage of the bivalent MRNA gene therapy experimental drug being called a so called vaccine….!!???
    Surely after the decision to let EUA approval go through, following trials on 8 humanised mice, the scientific community should be asking for more details…. We're these same mice also euthanized 2 weeks after being jabbed…!!??

  3. This is so funny. I worked maintenance in Ann Arbor near U of M in 2020 and I remember a woman complaining that her husband who worked at the experimental chemistry or virology or something area. She said they had discovered that 1 gram of lactoferrin taken in conjuction with some amount of resveritrol was shown to "cure" c19 after infection. She was lamenting that their findings were continuously getting rejected for minor grammatical errors. Like a missing comma or something. I thought that was weird since they should be scrambling to try anything for a treatment and would be trying to look at any studies. I have no idea if she was telling the truth or not. I started taking them at low doses as a precaution. Never caught coof that I know of 🤷‍♂️

  4. Ok, so put on your new glasses that can see this entire Covid event for what it it’s, including how much has been captured to enable this to take place and turn your gaze on Climate Change. How can you take Climate Change seriously when you know how much has been captured? These are the same powerful people behind both.

    You can now see how Covid was used to advance their hold over Western populations. At minimum, they know how far they can push us, how much they can get away with and they know we have been conditioned to accept a more totalitarian government.

    So, what about Climate Change? What are they up to there? Well, I used to wonder about that, but not any more. They’ve shown their true motive. If our Western nations are starved of energy and food, which is what these recent policies are going to do, what is going to happen? First of all, prices for energy and food are going up. That’s just basic micro economics. Higher energy costs are going to flow into pricing for all the products and services we produce. Plus, shortages or supply problems are going to hurt our GNP. Higher food costs are going to hurt the poor first. But if either shortage of energy or food becomes severe, our nations are going to go into chaos.

    It’s now clear to me that Climate Change was the excuse to put our nations in serious peril. All it would take is a serious shortage in either energy or food and everything falls apart. And the beauty of it from their perspective is that our problems are self inflicted. We have more than enough of both, but it will be our own national policies that will put us into crisis mode. The Globalists only have to sit back and wait, like vultures flying over an animal struggling in the desert. When the time comes, they will land on our nations and take claim over the dead carcass. Then, they will Build Back Better. Better for them, not necessarily us. They will take ownership of all our lands an possessions. Turning us into ever lasting renters. In one generation, we will no longer even aspire to own anything. As renters, we will have no choice but obey their rules.

  5. Here in Germany the majority BELIEVES in safety and effektiveness, the law is based on the belief in sterile immunity in the face of so many believers being infected, reporting severe side effects, having long covid

  6. I stopped at getting my initial 2 doses of the Pfizer jab.
    My husband had his first blood clot and surgery 2 WEEKS after his 2nd jab. He went on to have 8 surgeries for blood clots, one was opening his femoral artery to have it cleaned of blood clots. This all happened from April 2021 to Feb 2022!! 8 surgeries in 10 months! He has a scar that runs the full length of his left leg! Then they start with the boosters!! Never again!! Now I'm afraid to get a flu shot, which I used to get every year…but I do not trust them!

  7. I find it very intriguing that otherwise intelligent people can be so naive even when the truth about facts are staring them in the eye, l think it might be a touch of the "The Emperor's New Clothes " syndrome, they know it's there but refuse point blank to recognise it because they do not want to appear not to see what others are seeing, thus not appearing to be fools in the eyes of their companions. Takes all kinds —-

  8. They know they are lying, they know we know they are lying, they don't care. You just shut up we are in power and you are not. Really (sarcasm)
    Can we trust the medical profession after all these lies.

  9. It is as though the doctors, not all of course, have come down with Stockholm Syndrome. As a doctor, I find your criticism of out failure as being od utmost importance if we hope to do better. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  10. Wellcyea,Well yeah, least birx admitted lieing to trump,biden,all the American people,as been telling everyone,but fauci,as rand paul went after his jugulatlr,jugular, hope and pray fauci and others are put on trial,may happen when Republicans take back the house in nov,2024.why the government in usa will never with the board why pays for vaccine injuries for covid,but with many others,but not amthrax in militarycwexwere lied to,covered up afterc2001.but uk,canada,Canada, vaccine injury for covid,they are paying!

  11. Lying is a skill requires for promotion. I have worked sin government for 35 years and lying is a core skill. I have never seen people so irrational and unhinged as during Covid. It’s being growing for several years. It’s like the mass psychosis in 2 minutes of hate in 1984. The Academy is an existential threat to Western Civilization and needs reform. The growth of higher education has brought in too many low quality students and professors and questionable subjects. The rot began in the 1960s with the Frankfurt School radicals, by the 1990s it was dominant, by the 2000s it was captured.

  12. Loved the rabid dog analogy. So who's going to begin to build a new, reliable educational system that ACTUALLY focuses on its own integrity as mission critical priority? Looking at you, Bret. Parallel economy time. Build something new, preferably with the strengths of the old but minus the weaknesses that, well, led it to catching rabies. In time, the market will sort out the rest, with the old corrupt system choking away as people turn away from it in favor of the new, more valuable options. … LOOKING AT YOU, BRET. Who better to get this started? Well, maybe Heather is better to get it started. Fair enough! Help us get her motivated!

  13. It’s hard to believe they are getting away with this level of censorship. Corruption is everywhere and in everything. The courts, healthcare, politicians, the FBI, the CIA, the Universities, theIRS are all corrupted.

  14. Crimes against humanity have been committed at levels that exceed any human suffering and death of the 20th century, and the people responsible still have their jobs and huge paychecks and kickbacks from drug companies. Obviously, money is worth far more to them than the millions who are suffering and dead who trusted them. Fortunately, before the "pandemic" (bio-weapon) was launched targeting senior citizens, I had been studying the AMA/FDA medical community for 40 years and already had followed the money of these institutions to the conclusion of crimes against humanity. I did not believe a word they said. Funny how these "experts" did not know how a piece of cloth over your face functioned….why didn't this lack of knowledge set off alarms in 99% of the people's minds? I have researched and witnessed BILLIONS suffer and die at the hands of money-grubbing people and institutions profiting from the suffering of the innocent.

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