Resident Can’t Remember Names (Volume One)

It’s only been 16 months.

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  1. The best part is when Biden looks over to whoever is in charge of him that day for the answer, then says "I know" when they tell him what he's searching for. Clueless and rude.

  2. What an embarrassment. The number of times he referred to Kamala as "President Harris" should automatically trigger a mental health evaluation. Which of course he'd FAIL.

  3. can biden remember gas was .39 cent a gallon and the national debt was 480 billion when he first became in congress ??
    now gas is $6 a gallon and the national debt is 30 trillion thanks to his 50 years of managing America

  4. We can’t really be very proud of our prime minister in the UK, however it beggars belief that in the USA with give or take a population of half a billion you can only come up with two lame ducks as presidential contenders.
    Trump in politics is a crime against humanity. A self centred snake oil salesman with no interest in the well being of the nation, or the rest of the world, as his presidency and exit demonstrates.
    Biden a well meaning past his sell by date politician, but at least a politician. His bumbling and I imagine reliance on his staff helps him muddle through. Not ideal but after the Trump fiasco a bit of light relief.
    I do hope for USA and many other countries in the world that America can produce two competent candidates next time round.
    Democracy is fragile and with rising autocrats in many countries let’s all hope USA can get its act together.

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