Resistance Is Not Tolerated.

Douglas Murray’s The War on the West

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  1. They're not "groomers" – that's the media-criminal term to invoke a connotation of hairdressing – they're sex-slavers and paedophiles. The question for police is, what punishment do you think you deserve for aiding and abetting sex-slavers and paedophile rapists?

  2. I think you should actually have mentioned Mark Steyn in this – not sure how you managed not to. I think it’s mainly down to him this has been so high in his commentary agenda He’s extremely based and has the balls to actually talk about this stuff in no uncertain terms. He’s also extremely funny.

  3. This whole situation is one of the sickest things I’ve seen in a long time, and it gets worse every day. I’m not a religious man but I would go as far as to say that the acts themselves, their facilitation by the authorities and the utter lack of government action is truly evil.

  4. I live in Netherlands, and I can tell honestly that the Dutch police really are like this.
    Their response to anything is INSTANT VIOLENCE.
    They have such confidence in handing out violence, or just INSTANTLY getting in your face its sometimes unreal.
    I'm talking 0 to 100 at the first sign that you're not cooperating.
    Most of the time the Police are cool, and very friendly, but I've seen many times how emotional and violent they can become with the added confidence that "I AM THE LAW".
    Honeslty, it goes from nice policeman to Judge Dredd in a second.

  5. Allo Allo ! you spoke to our enemies ? shut the eff up or you will be in big trouble – comply with mr Mohamed shah or you will feel our wrath

  6. The first clip in the netherlands is a older clip from maybe 1-2 years ago during kingsday while covid was goin on. people werent allowed in the park.

    But we didnt give a shit and went anyway

  7. Roughly 10 years ago, I told a friend of mine about the UK grooming gangs,
    he flat out refused to believe it was still going on at the time, and was adamant, it was a thing of the past,.. I can see we haven't made any progress since then.

  8. All the pillars of the establishment – Politics, Police, Media, Medical, Religious, Education – have been suborned and wrecked. Certainly I was brought up to believe they were staffed by good people, the last forty years has seen me lose faith and respect, at first gradually, then the in last two years in a damburst of cynicism.

  9. I always associated police violence with the USA and ISRAEL but it's spreading to the UK, NETHERLANDS, FRANCE, GERMANY, CANADA,AUSTRALIA, UKRAINE , etc. They are no longer public servants protecting the public, they are there to intimidate and assault anybody who questions the law.

  10. What do you expect?
    I grew up in a ch-ild broth-el! We were systematically conditioned into that life. Did the local police care? Course not.

    When I had finally worked up the courage to go to the police for help, it basically destroyed my perspective on what was happening to me and many other boys and girls.

    I was told to shut up and stop lying, to stop making stuff up and wasting their time. The moment I heard that, I gave up and truly believed that, this is what I existed for, that speaking about it to anyone after that would just get the exact same response.

    Welcome to grooming and conditioning. Our government and authorities truly do not care. They'd much rather go the easy lazy route of policing supposed hate crimes.

    I and three others had even been paid for by two officers that frequented the place.
    Welcome to Britain.

  11. Holy shyte this is horrific. Police and leaders are corrupt. Edit: I would find justice for my child, as it stands, there in the U. K. I would be out to have picnics with my grandkids. I'm okay with that.

  12. I have lost all faith in the police they do nothing to protect the british people they only protect the islamic slime.There job description should be rewritten with the words we will defend the ethnic minorities to the detriment of every man ,woman & child of the white indeginous people

  13. Time to tell everyone disgusted with this an inconvenient truth. If you voted Tory, Labour, Lib dem, green or didn't vote at all THIS IS YOUR FAULT!! Time to grow up and take responsibility. For decades you have all known that Britains children were being raped, drugged, tortured and murdered with the consent of ALL the political big parties and the police and you all did nothing but complain and voting for them or not bothering to vote for an alternative or even march on parliament and blockade it or storm it. You kept watching this happen and you did nothing about it Britain because you are weak cowards, too weak and cowardly to defend your children

  14. If they hadn’t filmed the Dutch shooting then the young farmer would be in jail. The media is downplaying the Dutch farmer protests or naming them terrorists and right extremists.

  15. "I don't know what the hell else they would be doing there."
    And your lack of imagination has been a constant thorn in your side. So, instead, we get pointless videos like this which are all about the fantasies in one little boy's head.

    Anyway, thanks for the warning. Saved me twelve minutes.

  16. 1) Own the world
    2) Grant everyone enough freedoms to not complain too much
    3) Conflate democracy with individual degrees of freedom
    4) Make everyone believe they are free by saying they live in democracies
    5) ???
    6) Continue to own the world without resistance but for the occasional intimidation tactics to keep the fringe ones in line

  17. What a wonderful girl. Is there nobody in authority with the common decency to get involved with this. Cannot the mosques get involved for god,s sake. Surely there must be enough decent t people within their community to get a posse together to root out the filth among them. Seeing the coppers don't give a toss the locals should get stuck into these pigs.

  18. The scary part is not that cops are protecting pedos. The scary part is that most of us are not surprised by this…

    I've been reading about this stuff happening in UK for some time now and it only gets worse.

    I always forget that politician that you had in the 70s, talking about changing mass immigration for selective immigration of people that want to assimilate into the UK's culture. He was right then, he still is now.

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