Responding To Dylan Burns Criticism About AOC Abandoning Medicare For All

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Responding To Dylan Burns Criticism About AOC Abandoning Medicare For All

#AOC #DylanBurns #MedicareForAll


  1. Mr. Hinkle: AOC is no longer tweeting as much as she use to about m4a.
    Mr. Burns: Well, this entirely different person with an entirely different use of tweeter, also didn't tweet about an entirely different issue and yet they still supported it. And even though I know no one thinks tweeter is real life, I'm still going to accuse you of thinking that, just in case my argument wasn't dumb enough.

    Whoever has this guy as an advisor should get their money back.

  2. Things like what’s happened to AOC reveals everybody for who they are.

    If you are defending her at this point you are showing who you really are. Either you living vicariously through her, or you are in social circles that reward you for signaling to her.

  3. Remember how little it took for people our age to start pushing Beto o rourke. I saw so many so called intellectual types saying they like him the second he appeared. These are the same AOC idiots.

    Can we please just please call out people like that first before we make vague calls for unity,

  4. Americans think they can have healthcare , free education and all nice thighs without imperialism LOL??‍♂️as a third world dweller , I think Americans don't understand global capitalism and how imperialism is funding the soft life in the first world

  5. These people are nuts.
    "AOC has done nothing to fight for us and has accomplished nothing." "Yeah? Well that because there aren't enough progressives and people don't support it enough we have to raise awareness and look at all these nice things she says on twitter!"

    "Now she's stopped saying nice things on twitter." "omg you guys, you're such shallow thinkers, twitter doesn't matter, omg, she's getting things done."

  6. When was the last time she staged a public protest outside Pelosi's office? That's right, ONCE. Leftists need to do this CONSTANTLY until she caves, or embarrass the fuck out of her. Every day.

  7. The end of his commentary was gold! These people are sooo stupid that they don't even notice they are making the point of the person's argument they are trying to refute!

  8. So even leftist echo chambers can breed stupidity. Thanks comment section for making me realize that. Good luck enacting well fare policies while whining about tweets.

  9. that guy is a scumbag. he defends countries getting sanctions. nowadays there are leftists with shit tier foreign policy and encourage imperialism. very sick people.

  10. Dylan is right, it's a week known fact that once a politician puts a policy on their website they are legally obligated to never change the policy ever, and it's a guarantee that they will fight to the death for that policy and vote for it come hell out high water.

    lol, is this Vaush's policy advisor??