Rest of the world ‘increasingly thinks’ Australia has ‘lost the plot’: Panahi

Sky News host Rita Panahi says the rest of the world is increasingly thinking Australia has “lost the plot”.

“What else can you say about a country where dogs are shot dead in the name of COVID safety – yes as the Sydney Morning Herald reports: ‘Several impounded dogs due to be rescued by a shelter have instead been shot dead’,” Ms Panahi said.

“No wonder people overseas think we’re barking mad.

“The rest of the world look on with disbelief as we rationalise any manner of cruelty and craziness; not letting loved ones visit their dying family members across borders, making people travel further for emergency hospital care so they don’t cross a state border.

“We’ve grown used to this insanity – what seems mad to many around the world has been normalised here.

“This isn’t the Australia I know. What has happened to the lucky country?”


  1. I thought the aussie public would have rallied and said piss off we've had enough.. Can you imagine if they tried that in France there wouid be massive riots

  2. This is disgusting. I once would have SHOUTED from the rooftops if I was allowed to move to Australia. Now, you couldn't get me to go there on a free paid vacation.

  3. It worries me as my Son lives in Australia.
    They really have gone bonkers!
    How many actual deaths have been recovered in Victoria?
    Are they absolutely 100% covid related?
    Nanny state

  4. Australia is completely fkd…yeah let’s vaccinate everyone with a completely experimental vaccine…hey and don’t forget the under 16’s…yeah go for it !

  5. It’s an authoritarian police state! We need a royal commission into our governments handling over this pandemic! And the entire police brass need to be held accountable for the double standard of themselves! The premiers need to be investigated for abuse of power … it’s obvious