Restrict Act MUST be stopped! Prisontime for VPNs, no FOIA, lobbyists get to work for govt; BAD!!

👉 The bill:
🔴 White House saying they like this:
🔴 FOIA stuff cited in bill as NOT APPLYING:
🔴 Limits on lobbyists serving in government cited in bill as NOT APPLYING:

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00:00 – Clips
01:25 – Introduction – I hate tiktok
02:18 – However, I believe in civil liberties
01:13 – We will only read source material
03:26 – Covered transactions = provision of technology or service
03:55 – Mitigation measure
04:15 – Transaction
06:00 – Covered transactions again
06:42 – Secretary of commerce wields massive power to decide what he can get rid of on the modern internet
06:58 – Election interference – oh god….
08:51 – “Undermining democratic processes/institutions” gets you banned.
10:44 – 1 million persons, unique or just hits?
11:10 – Computational biology….
13:02 – Letting lobbyists run the advisory committees
14:07 – Why is this bad?
14:45 – Who are tiktok’s competitors?
16:42 – Penalties – THE BAD PART
18:58 – The VPN ban
20:03 – Additional recordkeeping
21:50 – Call to action for my audience
22:28 – PRISON
24:29 This has a chance of actual passing
25:35 – Civil forfeiture
27:02 – Freedom of Informtion Act thrown out the window
28:57 – Anyone who introduced this legislation should be voted out IMMEDIATELY
29:26 – Dr. Seuss wrote this bill
30:07 – Freedom of Information Act – disambiguation
31:10 – Less checks & balances
31:27 – No accountability
31:38 – Protecting classified(OR UNCLASSIFIED) information!
32:10 – A reminder that Freedom of Information Act is INAPPLICABLE!
33:06 – Conclusion

Written by Louis Rossmann


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  1. TikTok does to kids what every social media platform does to them, by the same means, algorithmic content delivery. If it was actually about the children, or data, they would be pushing for laws restricting algorithms and data gathering, or creating age limits to social use. The real reason TikTok was singled out was because being created in China meant it was an ideal target for Cold War 2.0 propaganda, providing an excuse to pass this law, which is essentially aimed at creating an American equivalent to China's Firewall and internet censorship infrastructure. It was never about the psychological wellbeing of kids or privacy.

    The other pretext for this law is also bullshit. The "foreign interference" which turned out to be a nothingburger, and mostly lies, as shown by formal investigations by Congress, investigation by social media companies themselves, and the Twitter files stories. It was deliberate hoax to create a pretext for legislation like this, destroying digital freedom was the whole point. The election interference angle was directed at liberals and the TikTok-China hysterics directed at the right, all by the uniparty in order to manufacture consent for digital totalitarianism.

  2. It seems that Governments dislike privacy. I wonder why… ps people should have the right to privacy, Government should have the duty of being more transparent, not the other way around.

  3. It's sad we live in times when a smart person has to justify himself by saying "yes, I agree to ban tiktok" before saying "BUT…" and expressing his opinion. When has the idea of banning media, for the reason of someone not liking it, became mainstream in US?

  4. when you’re an agent of a police state, everything looks like a job for law enforcement and convictions. i have no doubt that a sizeable contingent of these idiots actually believe their jingoism and the others go along because it looks good on tv.

  5. Alright guys, we need a new internet. Any suggestions? I'm thinking that the entire thing should be pgp encrypted and mesh.
    Yes, it'll be slow until we get phones that have quantum computers in them, but it's enough.

    I'm thinking something like freenet, but freenet is full of dangerous garbage…

  6. Watching the congressmen grilling the tiktok CEO gave me brain cancer…so illiterate regarding how tech works, and their questions were so loaded and wanting to extract a 'confession' than an answer.

  7. I'm kind of surprised to hear you're in favor of banning TikTok. Not surprised that you dislike the app or don't use it, but I am surprised you're in favor of taking that choice away from others.

    Everything else you said here is on point though. This bill is about much more than TikTok, and gives a frankly terrifying amount of power without any oversight or transparency.

  8. nono, This is completely different from GFW of China. Google, Twitter, and fb are not willing to comply with Chinese laws, accept censorship, and place data in China, so it is impossible to allow them to make profits in the Chinese market. But it is not against any law for Chinese people to use vpn to access these websites.

  9. If this is going to happen, USA is going to be the next PRC, or even worse. I havent heard of anyone being punished up to 20 years in prison just for using a VPN, EVEN IN PRC.

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