Retired FBI Agent Was In Constant Communication With Buffalo Shooter



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  1. Unbelievable. It's in the local Buffalo newspaper. National news media blackout. What a bunch of commies. Probably groomed and armed the kid. If you look close at the twitch video. You can see a hand painted roll call number 14.

  2. This is all about laying the platform for the upcoming steal in the midterms. When the inevitable fake votes start appearing out of nowhere for the Democrats, the narrative will be “Americans have voted for gun reform”. The other issue is that the global leftist cabal run by the WEF wants all “global citizens” (in the West at least) disarmed. Note how Trudeau has just used this “event” to slap a ban on guns in Canada. We’ve seen stolen elections in the US, Canada and France. In Australia (where I am) the Left is now in power. The WEF (through their Australian billionaire puppet, Simon Holmes-a-Court) funded independents in conservative seats who all claimed they were “ conservative but committed to the environment”. This was a huge lie and people fell for it. Their intention was to strip votes away from the conservative coalition in key electorates… and it worked! The socialist Labor party is now in power. The global great reset is underway. We have no guns over here anyway (they were already surrendered and banned years ago)…. but whatever you do, my friends in the US, don’t give up yours!

  3. If anyone believes the agencies of the federal government of this nation are busy doing the people's business and not carrying out the agenda of the fascist left, you must have a problem remembering how to breath.

    This nation will never be a socialist paradise until every citizen is disarmed. The way those in charge will accomplish this is to declare the mass murder of children they orchestrated as a national emergency and use that as the pretense to seize all firearms from lawful citizens.

    That day is coming. It will also be the day states secede from the union and all bets are off.

  4. These Tops Market Shooting and these School Shootings are a ploy by Liberal Lefts to use to disarm America 🇺🇸 and I also can’t believe how our liberal left are letting possible future terrorist’s into our country when President Thomas Jefferson in his time and Congress in 1956 passed laws to keep Muslim’s out of our Country for they have a Religious Law’s that are totally against US Laws
    This is a Nasty Conspiracy against the Constitution of USA 🇺🇸

  5. There wouldn't be mass shootings (by non-POC) and political violence or "extemism' from the right without a biased justice dept constantly hunting down conservatives l.

  6. So im supposed to be surprised ??? Ypu dont think the Feds had there fingers into allllll the school shootung ? No one ever notices that school shooting COINCODENTLY happen often when democrates are suffering…….

  7. The school shooting in Texas needs to be fully investigated. I definitely think our government was involved in that. We are tired of this BS. We know what the FBI and our corrupt government is up to with all these false narratives. They need to be exposed and brought down.

  8. Soon as they said feds were in constant communication w/ the guy, I immediately thought either Feds dropped the ball AGAIN or its another Big Gretch situation.

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