Retired US Colonel Drops Truth Bombs About Ukraine

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Written by Richard Medhurst


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  2. You haven't live in CCP 🇨🇳 China. There is NO voice of the people there. None at all! 😞

    It may be very bad 😢 in ou western countries right now, but still you CAN talk as much you want… And no one jas come to your door and put you in a secret jail. 🤷

    In China you would be erased already…🤷 Sorry to break this "news" to you mate.


  3. A gov't is a corporation by default. You think that the gov't can save you by reforming and bringing these people to justice let alone accountable. Please! When not even those reforms can't halt the system that is working as it was intended.

  4. They've got their dirty greedy
    mitts on alot of the great wealth
    of Ukraine, and they've done
    this through the use of NGO's,
    and they don't want to let all
    that go no matter what, and
    that explains the utter insanity
    of what they're doing. They're
    just absolutely insane people.

  5. Hi Richard.
    I'm italian and I can say that a large percentage of italians don't want the war, don't want to send weapons to Ukrain and are asking for a diplomatic resolution.

    The fact is that the Italian government does not seem to listen to the opinion of its voters (who in fact have not even really voted for Draghi as prime minister).
    Some time ago, Pisa airport workers refused to prepare a load of weapons on a plane to Ukraine that was supposed to have only humanitarian aid… I've lost track on this news, but it shows how the people is against the war.

  6. American should Protest in streets of USA
    Money should be spend on USA infrastructures.
    Bringing American and Europe towards WW3 its Crazy , mad politicians

  7. As a strategy, countering a lie with your own lie does not work. The BBC understood this in WW1. It was crucial to seem to be the side that was telling the truth, and the only way to do this was to tell the truth. So we can be sceptical about everyone's news, but as folks realise they can trust the truth-telling side they start to side with that side, and thus the conflict is won. Like if you are dealing with a lying competitor, telling the truth becomes a powerful marketing strategy. So it's a diametrical rather than a symmetrical paradigm.

  8. I have asked the same question myself and my conclusion is that the fear of legal retaliation, lost of benefits and a Career destroyed. In way I say they are cowards. They take a oath to serve the country not to serve their own interests. But that's what they do once they serve they retire and get all the benefit plus now they can profit by giving interviews or writing books about what's wrong with whatever is going on. So this people should we respect them??? I don't think so.🤑🤑🤑

  9. "Sleep walking"? America use TRAITOR OBAMA TO MURDER GODDAFFI. They used his " black skin" for black people not to rise up. I'm wondering what they want to use KAMILA HARRIS 's black skin to do. I know she was put in that position for a reason.

  10. Alot to catch up on Richard but please keep up your reports from the middle East as they are invaluable. You are a bridge who fills in the gaps for those elsewhere that want facts and truths.

  11. The problem of free journalism is that there are no rules where you need to stick to. If the author would have taken his job seriously, he would have found out that this colonel send a thank letter to Assad from Syria. Do I need to say more? Just bizarre: In April 2014, Black sent an official letter to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad,[38] thanking "the Syrian Arab Army for its heroic rescue of Christians in the Qalamoun Mountain Range",[38] praising Assad for "treating with respect all Christians and the small community of Jews in Damascus," and stating it was obvious that the rebel side of the war was largely being fought by "vicious war criminals linked to Al Qaeda". He actually met Assad twice in person

  12. My dear sweet boy, God bless you and all your hard work! This war has been ugly, for sure and there is no question in my mind about that, but it has brought us together. Happy to be part of your followers. Take care.

  13. So glad to have found you! Thank you for being one of the few honest and open minded journalist we have left in the world. The insane spending on behalf of whoever runs my government has been something that few touch on or care about in our state run media MSM. The powers that be have been able to spend with impunity because the dollar being the world reserve currency. With the sanctions backfiring the world has to find another way to survive and trade with Russia as many are dependent in a major way. I do not know who is in charge, have an idea, what I do know for sure is that they are the worst kind of evil. When I talk about this in public my fellow Americans do not hear me out and dismiss my years of research and curiosity as a conspiracy. My curiosity and desperate desire for truth will keep me going but I feel so alone surrounded by friends and family so incredibly brainwashed by this American narrative. The powerful have been able to control the flow of information in a way that blinds 350 million people from reality.

  14. USA is at war with almoust every country which has some resorses which they want for themself.west propaganda is dominate in west,85 % of the world population is not in west propaganda.every human with one brain cel knows that Usa made all this

  15. To answer question from your mother: obviously the people in service would be sacked or oppressed if they don’t speak the same official narrative ! Go to BrianBerletic’s video about himself- I remember he said there were his senior that know what US is doing is wrong but they were not able to speak up. If they leave their job before the contract is up, they would lose all their pension and benefits. Brian leafy early as he was still young then and could not bare the realities anymore. He would be a good one to give you a much clearer picture….or Steve Ritter?!

  16. Julian Assange is the answer Richard. He tried to tell the whole world these truths.. and he is being killed in Belmarsh prison Uk .. tortured to death.. by the UK + USA illegal and immoral process. Pleas.. Write to governments + stop this extradition. Urgently please 🙏🏼🕊🌈🌞

  17. Use your power .. write to priti patel in London. She's due to sign Julian Assange's extradition to usa… to his death life sentence. Please stop this extradition. U can save this man's life . Do it today please. Urgent . Thank you 🌈

  18. Congress is involved if they voted ( 10 people voted against) for 53 billion $$ to send weapons to ukraine. They are involved and responsible
    People, vote wisely

  19. President cannot declare war without congressional authorization but the president can definitely dress up the war into something else and shove it down America's throat, just like Obama dressed up Libyan regime change as "humanitarian intervention".

  20. There's that "sleepwalking" word again.
    There is a faction in the US power structure who think of nothing but destroying Russian and China and who work toward that goal every day. The only people 'sleepwalking' are the ones who are not paying attention or are paying some 'attention' but who have no history.

  21. The President of The Empire is indeed authorised to start a war all by hisself in the case of "a national emergency created by attack upon the United States, its territories or possessions, or its armed forces".
    Old man 'biden', who pees his pants most days, can also decide to launch the entire US nuclear arsenal at anyone, anytime for any reason he likes. He cannot be questioned, let alone stopped. From the time this doddering old fool decides to do, to the "birds" being in the air, takes about five minutes.

  22. Sanctions are designed to punish ordinary Russian in the ridiculous, ahistorical belief that that will blame Putin, and then rise up and depose him. This has never worked before, but America remembers nothing. America never learns.

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