Returning Foreign Buyers will impact the housing market

Foreign buyers are returning to the Australian housing market. Low-Interest Rates, increasing foreign buyers and growing immigration will surely impact the real estate housing market.

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  1. I know why the government wants this but it is wrong. Australian housing for Australians. Our children will be priced out of their own housing market. Foreign investors can get lost!

  2. The rich stay rich by investing and investing without stopping then the poor stay poor by spending like the Rich but yet not investing like the rich

  3. what moron wants to buy a house when the government can now stop you from evicting tenants during a lockdown, ie forcing the private economy to become social welfare providers

  4. They are only allowed to buy newly built properties not previously owned and occupied property. More apartments were built to meet the demand of foreign investors. Australian Chinese people are not foreign investors.

  5. It certainly makes sense. You're Chinese, Singaporean, or anywhere in Asia. You look at choices…
    1. A 1 or 2 bedroom apartment in Thailand or Phillipines (1 million plus)
    2. A house with nice clean streets, clean water, and very little risk of devaluation rolling around "Tourism" like you need to buy something in Asia that will hold value to a similar degree?

    If I'm a foreign investor, I'm buying in Australia too.

    At one point I was thinking of living abroad for good. But the quality of life is just no where near as good even when the AUD goes 2 or 3 times as far for the daily stuff …

  6. Just what we need ..
    Competition from the wealthiest from third world countries..
    Driving up home prices even further.
    This government does not work for the people.

  7. I would not worry about foreign buyers to much. They are happy to pile in when prices are going up but they scatter like cochroaches when the chips are down which will happen shortly. They operate under a herd mentality!

  8. Sorry what are you saying about China, UK and USA share of investment at the beginning.

    This issue has long been misrepresented in Australia. For every $1 spent on residential housing in Australia by Chinese $5 is spent by the US and $5 is spent by the UK. Even Singapore buys more property than Chinese.

    The idea that Chinese are buying all the houses is simply not correct, not now or ever in history when you look at the DFAT numbers. And the idea is perpetuated by racist morons.

  9. Only countries whose original settlers took the land off natives push the narrative that immigrants are to blame for everything wrong with “their” countries today. US, Australia, NZ, Canada all blame immigrants over wealth distribution problems. Coincidence?