REVEALED: Hillary Personally Greenlit False Russiagate Accusations | Breaking Points

Krystal and Saagar make sense of the Russiagate accusations that were greenlit by Hillary Clinton as was revealed by testimony in the Durham investigation of the origins of Russiagate

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Elbridge Colby:

Written by Breaking Points


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  1. OK Krystal…you are smart and articulate and I really depend on your insight and research into the issues of the day. That said…I LOVE that dress on you! lol Not everyone can wear green of any shade but you look absolutely lovely today (:

  2. If MSM had not been so focused on impeaching the president in early 2020, maybe they could have looked into a novel viral disease spreading in China?

  3. It's almost like they knew their 2016 anti-Russian lies would help with their 2022 anti-Russian narrative.
    Just a convenient coincidence, right?

    2020 Adam Schiff: "The United States aids Ukraine and her people so that we can fight Russia over there and we don’t have to fight Russia here."
    Just another coincidence, right?

  4. Does hunter having to give 50% of his earnings to pops have anything to do with this war?, surely pop's would be monitoring hunter's earnings to ensure full compliance of compensation .
    The Big Guy knew all along.

  5. Putin DID help Trump, Trump DID have financial interests and loans from a Russian bank. The Russians DID use social media to harm Hillary Clinton. Russiagate is real. Did Trump lie about the Clintons during the '16 campaign. YES! Was the right wing propaganda media complicit in perpetuating the lies. YES! So fu Saagar and fu Krystal for continuing to support Saagar's 🐴💩

  6. The Democratic Party is as bad as the Nazis in the way they behave. Power at all cost, no morality, lying, dirty tricks, undemocratic methods to stay in power. Hillary is a crook, has been all her life.

  7. Hilarious having a host here on Breaking Points help pedal this Russian BS with Trump, yet in this video pointing out how it was all a lie setup by Hillary. This is the reason why I can't take anything Krystal Ball says serious and won't sub until Saagar gets a better host.

  8. Stuff like this proves that there's no patriots sitting in office. It's not politically valuable to indict Hillary for this so it will never happen, none of the politicians care about doing what's best for the country or rooting out corruption.

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