REVEALED: How China WEAPONIZES Data Through TikTok | Breaking Points & The Realignment

Krystal and Saagar have Marshall from The Realignment Pod to break down how TikTok poses a major threat to The United States.

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  1. So the answer to the question of how "how china weaponizes data is: "just imagine what they could do…". He then lays out an argument of why no country should want any country's social media companies based on what US companies do. So why was there criticism before of china banning us social media?!

  2. Us fear mongering over China.
    China fear mongering over the US.

    So happy I don't live in neither of those countries and can understand the situation with a broader unbiased perspective. So sad those that live there polarized towards one extreme or the other believing they are 100% right 100% of the time…

  3. Hello.. The CCP has used legal and illegal business deals for personal wealth uplift entangling key US leadership in congress, state governments, universities, media, big corporations, and hollywood. The objective? A massive Trojan horse effort that has paid off huge dividends. You can see this in how the congress handles Xi giving Putin aid after the US tried to destroy the Russian economy hoping to stop Putins war. Many are NOT condemning Xi and the CCP as you would think as Xi directly funds Putin’s ability to float his economy.

  4. National Security is more important than freedom of choice in the free market. Meanwhile every other big tech company is doing the exact same kind of cultural influence, propaganda, data mining practices but its NOT a national security risk when US corporate big tech does it to US citizens. Things I consider a bigger national security risk then Tiktok: DC time and time again losing billions of our tax dollars and nothing being done about it. Food industries lobbying to keep us eating food that is making us obese and have shorter lives. A large chunk of the US population not making enough money to meet their basic needs. Having health insurance tied to your employer and having the vast majority of those employers not offering any sort of health insurance plan. Medical debt, student debt, usury interest rates on credit card debt, proxy and shadow wars killing who even knows amounts of civilians around the world in our name. I mean I could go on but Tiktok is so dangerous we should ban that first so a US version can do the literal exact same thing. For the record I don't agree with the needs of national security outweighing my rights to make choices on what media I consume and from where.

  5. TikTok isn’t doing anything FB, Twitter or Instagram have done and are currently doing. Let the American people decide whether they want to use to platform or not. We don’t need the federal government telling us how to live.

  6. No, it's not a conspiracy theory, it's cognitive dissonance: propaganda by China bad, propaganda by the U.S. good (or at least acceptable).

    How about no propaganda against the people? Start by expanding and improving upon Europe's privacy laws, fight for their adoption here in the U.S., and the TikTok problem consequently goes away.

    Otherwise this just sounds like yet more conservative jingoism, since you're not addressing the root causes of the problem.

  7. Other countries have as much cause to ban American apps as the US does to ban TikTok. Dude is inconsistent, American tech companies overstep in equally dire ways all the time

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