REVEALED! How Twitter Colluded With Government To Censor Political Opponents

Journalist Matt Taibbi was recently tapped by Elon Musk to examine and report on the internal deliberations at Twitter over censoring the Hunter Biden laptop story. In a Twitter thread Taibbi detailed how powerful individuals sought to – and did – get individuals banned from the site and how company executives fumbled their way through figuring out what kind of censorship measures to impose over details of the emerging Hunter Biden laptop story.

Jimmy and his panel of Americans’ Comedian Kurt Metzger and The Dive’s Jackson Hinkle discuss the Taibbi scoop and Twitter’s ham-fisted approach to censorship.

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  1. You gotta loose the psycho kid. He's a fukn psychotic. He just goes with wherever the wind blows, one second he's a hard left wing freak, the next he's a hard right wing freak. I HATE people that have no moral or ideological compass. Clearly Jimmy doesn't watch his show.

  2. Trump thinks the election was stolen……and he is right but ignorant……it was obvious that this is how the election was stolen. The laptop was suppressed and given the narrow margin of the election it would have been decisive in all likelihood. Sadly we gave the keys to Trump and he drove the car into a tree. We need a third party. One can hope someone will tell us under oath who the "'big guy"' is now that the repubs have the congress but I am not optimistic.

  3. Is shadow banning the phenomenon that when I watch Jimmy, the system Never brings up another Jimmy video? I have to go to my playlist and choose the next video. The system sets me up with Lex Fridman willy nilly. .

  4. Matt Tiabi got censored because he told the truth about the government's corruption. Elon Musk is no different from other corporate oligarchs in censoring free speech from political opponents.

  5. You seem to be laboring under the Delusion that anyone actually cares about the Collusion between the Government and Twitter. They don’t. This will change Nothing and you should stop pretending otherwise.

  6. The movie industry is undergoing this exact same kind of censorship. Now with the digital hard drive age with vast storage space and apple deletes certain movies, especially if the title is: The Pleasure of Being Robbed. And the remakes of old cult movies like: Jacob’s Ladder.
    All remakes actually do is cut out the point or heart of the story and manipulate it. Criminals are like little children who get caught, and then try to cover everything up with more bull.

  7. Right at the start of Covid, my cough I had before 2018 so is irrelevant unless you believe we are guinea pigs to some people (not everyone). Jimmy my guy, they showed me a clip that I lost, of Boris Johnson bragging about the nanotechnology in those vaccines. It works in tandem with the 5G grid they set up. I am afraid when it comes to learning disabilities sociopathy and psychopathy. No one matters.

  8. This is what people with responsibility chose to do with a digital public forum while throwing republican grandmothers in prison for entering a building authorities allowed them to enter. How are we not in a state of a cold civil war?

  9. Everyone seems to forget that Barack was in silicon Valley having meetings with the boards of all tech companies that had influence in the 2020 election. This was right after Barack masterminded Bernie's defeat on Super Tuesday by having Warren and buttegieg drop out and endorse Biden right before that primary.

  10. So Twitter were censoring truth & facts & pushing a lie!! Like we didn’t know that .. but great job Elon and Matt tiaibi for exposing this… it’s the start of the swamp being drained once and for all..

  11. Why is Dore and other right wingers so up set that Twitter wouldn't show Hunter Biden getting high and showing his penis? Joe Biden wasn't even in office, and Dore is ignoring the fact that Trump was actually using the government to threaten Twitter. But if Dore calls out Trump and republicans, he'd lose 90% of his viewers.

  12. Anyone who believes that Elon will turn against big tech is stupid. Elon is the definition of Big Tech. He is also the industrial side of the Military Industrial Complex. WAKE UP!!!!!

  13. I couldn't wait for you to cover this. You do it so extensively. And I'm not a liberal or Democrat. The fact that you stay with the truth, no matter who is wrong is why I'd like to see you have a libertarian VP and run for president. You need a balance of what you're saying, and what the other half of the country is saying. KUDOS ON THIS VIDEO.

  14. Facebook does the same shit I get “fact checked” when I post stuff that actually happened like when Biden told the factory worker “I don’t work for you.” It was all on video how was my post about it considered misinformation?

  15. Don't Repeat the Talking Points of the Richest Person On Earth – or don't help him with coming up with talking points TO EXCUSE HIS SICK GREED.

    Don't defend Elon Musk no matter how disappointed you are with Democrats, that's no excuse to defend someone FAR, FAR, FAR WORSE, ie FAR, FAR, FAR, RICHER THAN DEMOCRATS, or anything you can even imagine! As imaginative as I am my imagination is failing me when I try to picture just how wealthy Elon Musk is! Forget about castles and gold platted toilets, this is WEALTH AT UNPRECEDENTED IN HISTORY AMOUNTS! There are no even fairy tails for THIS AMOUNT OF WEALTH.

    The Elon Musk TALKING POINTS ie excuses for grabbing more power for himself and purchasing Twitter have been: there are billionaires behind all media already, so this is nothing different. Matt Taibbi pushed these talking points in defense of Musk too when Musk bought Twitter. Let me tell you why they DON'T HOLD: Yes there are billionaires behind all our purchases and media but they are not as rich as Elon Musk and Musk is trying to swallow them by SELECTIVELY EXPOSING NEGATIVE TRUTHS. While those of us who are not billionaires should understand that you cannot fight the oligarchy by giving MORE POWER TO THE BIGGEST OLIGARCH! As I wrote on Facebook the other day: worse than oligarchy is dictatorship and monopoly by Elon Musk.

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