REVEALED: Louisiana AG DROPS Full Dr. Fauci Deposition | Breaking Points

Ryan and Emily talk about the Dr. Fauci deposition being released and how it exposes his failures in handling the Covid pandemic.

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  1. I’m sorry but breaking points has become just as bad as the hill.

    This isn’t journalism. 2 of the biggest points from the deposition were ignored

    A) Zuckerberg knew in February 2020 that the vaccine would be out in a short time frame, before anyone realized it was already in North America and fauci himself saying at the time that “we can’t rush a vaccine because of safety and is likely years away”

    B) that Fauci’s daughter worked at Twitter as a programmer throughout covid. This was never disclosed.

    Thanks for nothing.

  2. At this point Congress is a joke that EVERYONE SEES.
    – The Corrupt are Constantly put in front of Congress for Blatantly Illegal / Unconstitutional acts, and yet Almost Everyone Lies and gets away with it because "Their legal team says they can't answer". Or, "They don't know".
    – The Corrupt are being Facilitiated at Every position in this Administration. And Judges are in on it. It's like we're living in a Real Life Gotham City.

  3. I have zero confidence in our government's ability or willingness to hold Fauci responsible for his crimes. My hope is that he will quickly disappear from the public scene, but will ultimately be remembered as a Mengele type individual who destroyed the lives of millions. Maybe he'll still be alive to experience it, but if not, I hope his family live their lives knowing how evil their father and grandfather was.

  4. Folks, it’s absolutely logical that the people who released the virus would be an office to defend against it. In about 20 years, you’ll get the truth after they’re all dead.

  5. BTW, there is a “very interesting” accepted theory that the messy partisan fighting central to our democracy magically results in incredibly balanced, divinely calibrated and unusually fair results for average citizens. However, I would say that the result more closely resembles a ship sailing fluid challenging seas with two gangs onboard perpetually fighting over every issue and every decision in utterly ruthless fashion. Our nation is that ship and the results aren’t close to spectacular for the MAIN bulk of it’s passengers. There has to be some sort of good will, good intentions, rudimentary ethics and public service spirit in those governing, otherwise the system only favors the most ruthlessly crooked, brazenly selfish and deep-pocketed(…sigh; like in most nations). 🫤

  6. Ryan lost all credibility on this topic when he spent the last 2 years at The Hill, parroting the establishment narratives on Covid response, and smearing his cohost Kim Iversen, who was the only one willing to call out the BS and question fauci. She turned out to be right on everything and Ryan now jokes about how ridiculous fauci is, as if he wasn’t running cover for him the entire time. Ryan makes me sick and he should be excluded from any Covid segment, unless he wants to make a clear statement on how wrong he was.

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