Revealed: Mass Media Complicity in “Russian Disinformation” Fraud | SYSTEM UPDATE

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Written by Glenn Greenwald


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  1. It was important for the neo-cons to turn the American public against the Russians so they could one day launch a military attack through their proxy, Ukraine. Knowing the American public would support their new war. These people need to be put into prison for stealing our tax dollars

    Edit: and for stealing our freedoms!

  2. As someone who studied Hamilton extensively, spending almost two years reading everything the man ever wrote, I saw clearly where Hillary (Clintonistas) got their ideas. Hamilton 68 pops up. The musical Hamilton became a fundraiser for her. And those who have been indoctrinated in public school to believe that Hamilton is a good guy quietly walked towards the slaughter – quite willingly

  3. Whenever I hear an organization being labeled "NON-PARTISAN" I feel nauseous because I wonder, "why do they have to TELL me that it's "NON-PARTISAN"? If I have to be TOLD, it must be not be obvious – if it is truly non-partisan, its actions should show this.

  4. You ever have google news scrambled with nonsense articles to give you psychosis and anxiety depression ? And youtube suggestions that are troubling?IM WISE TO YOU SONS OF BITCHEs, NO WONDErTheres A mass shhooting every fucking DAY YOU STUPID F-CKS WAS IT OBAMA that finger MONKEY. WHO WAS IT???? !!!!!!!!!! , Einstein? Joe rogan? YOU TRIEDTO DESTrOY ME F-cker . PoWER HUNGRY BITCHES. CROOKED FBI BITCH ASHTON KUTCHER Hollywood

  5. Greenwald needs to fix his microphone problem. His voice has this tinny little twang on it, and also sounds like he's talking with a mouth full of cotton. Needs to fix this crap yesterday. It's sounded like this since he started this new studio of his.

  6. It can’t happen here: when my mother passed away I transferred some funds cross country and triggered some crazy terrorist financing thing which is of course classified. 5 years later I’m basically a non person and couldn’t be happier. Thanks Deep State.

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