Revealed: U.K. SABOTAGED Russia/Ukraine Peace Deal In April!

Did you know that back in April, just a couple of months after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the two warring sides had come to a tentative agreement to halt hostilities with Russian troops returning to the Donbass and Ukraine agreeing to remain neutral and not join NATO? Except that UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson jetted into Kyiv to persuade Zelensky’s government to scuttle the deal, which is precisely what it did. And now that Russia has seized even more Ukrainian territory, that deal is off the table.

Jimmy and America’s comedian Kurt Metzger discuss this prospect for peace that could have potentially prevented so much bloodshed and destruction.

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  1. Not surprised in the least, however apart from the loss of life I'm glad he scuttled it so Russia can finish the job of ridding Ukraine of the cursed Nazis and liberate the people of Ukraine

  2. "Were the Soviet Union to sink tomorrow under the waters of the ocean, the American military-industrial establishment would have to go on, substantially unchanged, until some other adversary could be invented. Anything else would be an unacceptable shock to the American economy."

    George F. Kennan

  3. Jimmy, you are the best. Totally accurate recounting of events. Why does it take a former stand-up comedian to see it as opposed to all of our elected officials and the mass-media news organizations? We live in such a corrupt society and I lay the blame firmly at the ascension (by chronological age) of the drug-addled, counter-culture wing of the Baby Boomer generation.

  4. The people of UK will now pay dearly for their government's ineptitude. I would feel sorry for them.. but it's very hard to. Knowing they willingly elected these assholes Nazi loving scum into office…

  5. Johnson hoping the elite will make him the next Secretary General of Nato.
    Almost everyone in the UK hate this clown, his party with a 60 seat majority will be wiped out at the next election.

  6. While the other side says Ukraine is winning and now starting to counter attack to bomb their own structure and their own land to deal with the Russians who only care about the strategic points because successfully occupying those points means losing. SMH -_-

  7. As a European, at this point in time, I would not put my money on the US government. With all the

    swamp mob lies, America has become another 3rd world toilet.

    Goodbye to the Land of the Free, Home of the Brave, Or will the American people take back their

    country in the midterms and not wait for 2024 !!!

    Take responsibility and change, push back against the parasitic crime families who want to own you.

    WEF = You will own nothing and be happy……

    Liberal Globalists think that Europe's problems are the Worlds problems, but the Worlds problems

    are Not Europe's problems.. Africa, China, India, Russia and others will keep their Cultures in place with

    out instructions from the Western Global Swamp Mobsters…

    The Western Global Swamp Mobsters think Africa is their "Local Refreshment Shop"

    The Biggest Enemy is "Ignorance" and the "Fake MSM Propaganda" is the new form of "Education".

    The Global Swamp mob are applying Western Liberal Globalist Rules to the world…. "Tyranny".

    Think people, the Real War is against the Citizens of the World.

    Always remember, The Family and it's Cultures are the Foundation of Our Civilization. !!!

    The Global Swamp Mob (Davos) is WEF, ESG, WHO, HRF, Blackrock, The Center for Biological Diversity,

    with their Puppets in the US, EU, UN, NATO and the fake MSM are pushing Climate Change propaganda, Pandemics used to advance a "Dystopian Future and More lock downs".

    Wars / Proxies Wars, created to enriches the global Elitists who will sell only their Narrative.

    Puppet Governments to control Disinformation / Misinformation, to push a Socialist Narrative.

    Gun controls to disarm the people. "Disarm the people, No Resistance" against Socialist Rules..

    The Goal is creating a "Global Energy, Economic and Climate Emergency"…

    In nearly every sector of our world societies there are problems and it is all part of their plan.

    They get the Puppet Politicians to call an Emergency under "Executive Orders", with a National

    State of Emergency, it would mean "Total Control" over us All. No Human Rights..

    The Mod created global inflation and is shrinking the global supply chain to create global chaos

    and collapse country's to be compliant to the western Liberal Globalist Rule. "Global Socialism".

    WARNING Citizens of the world, Keep your Eyes on the Ball… The Mobsters are distort the truth.

    Wake Up People !!! .Let us have the courage and outstanding morality, standing up against the

    totally selfish, dirty, powerful rich Global Oligarchs, Elitists and Puppet Politicians without any

    Moral Compass. All Upright Peaceful People can contribute and do their part

    however small – Speak out… Just do it !!! The fake MSM will not report the TRUTH, they are

    just puppets, taking orders from the Sick Puppet Masters..

  8. Just have to say Jimmy…thank you for keeping me in the loop on the Ukraine/Russia fiasco. Like most, I was largely ignorant of the area and their political situation. Were it not for you, the Grayzone and the Trends Journal, among others, I would likely still be in the dark about what is really going on there. Well done sir. Keep up the excellent work.

  9. Boris is in big trouble. The utility bills that are not being paid in protest are directly his fault. There wouldn't be a severe energy crisis if the conflict in Ukraine had ended.

  10. Jimmy–It is true that Boris flew to Kiev to scuttle the agreement. But this was revealed 4 months ago on the Alexander Mercouris channel. You gotta start monitoring on more up to date sources.

  11. god forbid the eu flourishes after brexit. It is in the UK's interest that the eu beccomes a shambolic financial mess, then the incompetent uk political class can justify broken brexit britain.

  12. Jimmy door is such a sick sycophant for the dictator Vladimir Putin and the longer the swirl goes on the more insane he becomes and the ukrainians are fighting back hard and and within the past 2 or 3 weeks have reconquered large swaths of land and this is driving Jimmy Dore loco.

  13. Jeez! Its freaking criminal behavior. Jimmy, you surprise me with these nuggets of gold in amongst your usual nonsense. Its like a bad marriage. Its abusive but I keep coming back for the good moments.

  14. BJ should be investigated straight away. All the paperwork should be published and charges should be brought where appropriate. If journalists were doing their job and reporting real news, instead of repeating the govt line we wouldn't have to look to comedians for honest information.

  15. Clearly remember that period. In the end of March some agreements between Russia and Ukraine were achieved. But then Bucha composition was well played and spread through the Western media at once. Russia was demonized right away without any investigation and then the flow of the Western weapon followed. Cancelled the negotiations and the rethoric of "victory only on the battlefield" was born. Hypocrite and greedy pieces of shi….. This guy is waiting for many of you, dear representatives of nations, since long ago – 👹🔥

  16. The US is fighting the war, Britain are their assistant, and Ukraine are their cannon fodder.
    Never mind the fools of the world. When are the Ukrainians realize they were made fools of.

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