Revenge! China’s New Warning to Australia

Revenge! China Australia relations are taking a turn for the worse. Europe signs a controversial deal with China. Uyghur Slave Labor is being used by Apple Suppliers. Hong Kong activists are sentenced. That and more on this week’s China news headlines!

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Written by China Uncensored

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  1. Australia – a huge land mass close to China, full of recourses, and DISARMED by their foolish liberal gov't. Enter China Joe as its main protector in the USA.

  2. Who would be using ethnic slave labor? THE US! (given the skewed ethnic balance of our jail population) And I wouldn't be surprised if conditions in those blue buildings are not better than what's found in some of our prisons, and the pay better.

  3. The part of the bill regarding Taiwan is a grift opportunity for -45. However, his failed attempts to reverse the democratic election means he won't make money off the arms sales. Additionally, US covid numbers are no more reliable than Chinese numbers. Thank you for your efforts.

  4. It's as if all the elite have recognized china as the new future ruler of the world and they are now paying Homage to the beast in acceptance to this new ruling faction. They are all traitors selling out libertys, Countrys, themselves in order to have a piece of the pie with themselves sitting on their holy thrones above us all.

  5. Australians Don’t bank with HSBC or China’s state banks or your money might be confiscated because Australia committed China’s National Security law.

  6. Yet again, more evidence that the UN is as corrupt as it is inept. In other news: the sun is hot, fire burns, and the CCP makes Hitler look like a child when it comes to committing genocide.

  7. Buzzfeed sh*tting on China is super refreshing. I thought it's only when the US or white people do human rights violation that they seem to care.

  8. Some dumb people demand you be conservative. While in reality don't realize you lean anything that gives you monetary ? ? ?? gain! Lol. ? In $$$ we trust.