Revisiting Justin Trudeau’s Quotes – Visceral Response

“The unvaccinated are taking up space” – Justin Trudeau. These are not the words of someone that is looking to lead a country down a path of solidarity, but the words of a tyrant, attempting to sew discord between the citizens of a nation.

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  1. The only people that are a waste of space and skin are the Elite there all evil! It's called devolution! Nice prison hair cut Tru dope that gitmo prison barge getting close for your pick up? Cut your hair because they love pretty boys in jail! #dontdropthesoap

  2. Trudeau the minute you made this speech saying “They Take Up Space “ and “Do We Tolerate These People “ he and the entire Liberal Supporters should have been walked out of the parliment building , fire them all ! This is Hate Speech ! Because what you are insinuating in this speech is eliminate these people , they take up space . My thoughts instantly reverted back to W W 2 and the hateful regime and concentration camps . Mr Trudeau you need to step down , we have tolerated your abuse long enough and your MPs that sit behind you supporting a PM that delivers Hate Speech such as this tells me they are as evil as Mr Justin Trudeau . Shame on the entire Liberal Party ! Someone needs to write the book because he , Owns , the media then he wants to pass a communistic Bill C 11 ! He is a Tyrant !

  3. I truly cannot believe that many Canadians are not outraged by the actions of trudeau. The man has single-handedly destroyed our country, and we will be spending decades trying to fix the damage that he has done. Our highest law in the land, the charter of rights, has been blatantly disregarded buy Trudeau and his lackeys. Charter rights number two, six, seven, eight and 15. The housing market has literally doubled since he took office, inflation is at a 40-year high and was only higher when his father was in office, record government spending is pushing up the cost of absolutely everything in our country and people are now having a hard time just making ends meet. Freezing and seizing bank accounts, trampling and beating law-abiding protesters, disallowing protests, free speech, corrupting media and freedom of the press, freedom of expression, to associate and assemble, freedom to travel anywhere in our nation and pursue a livelihood, our freedom of life, Liberty and security of person and the right to do what we want with our bodies, unreasonable search and seizures of law-abiding canadians, and mistreating a large percentage of the Canadian population with hate filled rhetoric and propaganda speech. We are definitely not all equal before the law. Also, he is pushing the wef 2030 agenda, digital ID and digital currency. The country has been divided and corrupted by the actions of this hateful man. We need him and his ilk out now.

  4. Justin Castro needs to go! He is such a dictator and doesn’t give a f*ck about the citizens of this country. And he doesn’t give a shit about the charter of rights! WEF needs to be disbanded!!

  5. A classic total1tarian & spoiled brat: he wants his way, and the “obstacles” (i.e., people) need to be bulldozed out of the way. He’s a divisive yet cowardly bully, who is determined to ruin Canada, no matter what. Worst Prime Minister of Canada EVER.

  6. Due to natural immunity from having been infected, most of the unvaccinated are doing as well or better than the triple vaccinated right now!!!!! Look at how many times Trudy has been infected so far this year.

  7. I’d far rather take up space, hold unacceptable views be a racist than give this clown any credibility for his hate speech
    I have a choice and I will exercise that choice regardless of any opposition and especially when that opposition comes from a person representing Canada

  8. Why are we Canadians tolerating and allowing space for Trudeau and the evil Clause Schwab's in this world. Thank-you for continuing to spread the word that these so called leaders should not ever be tolerated and we must do everything we can to remove them from power over us.

  9. I actually DO believe in science. REAL science.. data.. real data. NOT political science or falsified data. I am vaxxed… because I didn't want to lose my job. I am also not misogynistic or racist.

  10. Time to tar and feather this Canadian dictator and chase him down the road and over a cliff into hell . All these klutz swab lapdogs faked getting vaccinated, he is probably going to get monkey pox soon, my fervent hope!

  11. Whothehellvotedforhim – where are these cowards now? Faceless! Imagine putting that thing into power over us! Hitler could have used this little man! Harper was a dream for Canada, Lilly is a nightmare! If canadadadada still exists in 3 years it will be a miracle!

  12. ALL Establishment Parties are the same, NOTHING ever changes, there are BEVER any TAX CUTS And ALWAYS hiring MORE AND MORE for Government, while at the same time, CRIPPLING AND DESTROYING PRIVATE SECTOR JOBS AND BUSINESS.

    ALL Establishment Parties ARE The PROBLEM!


  13. Listen here crime minister if I didn't have a son and possibly do jail time I'd have already gotten a hold of you you pompous ass💩Think Canadians like you watch your ass, you vile wicked lying coward. Canada is done with you your finished.

  14. Trudeau takes up all the space in Canada and sucks up all the oxygen in Canada. He is a Communist wind bag ! Science had nothing to do with the man made patents to create Covid .
    Science was used to create the injections and boosters as well as the tests which mostly produced positive results! Naturally the tests were geared to do that in order to panic the entire populace of not just Canada but the entire world !
    They lost their narrative already
    And their power world wide as I
    Write . Canada will be free soon.
    The entire world will be free soon.

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