Rewarding abusive women: the Amber Heard story (wtf is this?)

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Written by Sydney Watson


  1. just to let you know wonderful Sydney the NZ prime minister is about to pass a law banning #MGTOW as hate speech next will be banning all men from social media and eventually the internet mark my words it's about to get worse for white males (we are the target)

  2. I want to be oblivious to these topics, the vices because I know I am nowhere near to the ability of bringing even the slightest of change but it just breaks me whenever I see one. I can't just deny and lie to myself that I am NOT losing hope when it's so obvious.

  3. Just like the lady cop who murdered Mr Crutcher is now giving talks on police shootings. Or…the man who raped the woman in the alley is now giving talks on college campuses about consent…insane

  4. Thanks Sydney, this needs to be said. There was a similar situation recently when a Sydney afl player was attacked by his girlfriend in the middle of the night while sleeping because she didn’t like something in his phone. He reacted badly and hit her which he should not have done, and was subsequently and rightly charged, but she was not charged at all despite punching him in the face first while he was asleep. He lost his job and was delisted, while she was made out to be an innocent victim by everyone, including the press, despite the fact that she had hit him unprovoked in the first place. I don’t understand how these facts just get ignored by everyone if the victim is a man. It’s ludicrous.

  5. England has a judge system, not a jury system. So the judge gets to decide who is guilty and who is innocent.

    Annnnnnd, the general public doesnt get to vote them in.


  6. I will no longer be watching anything with amber heard in it. Or any movie that Johnny Depp was supposed to be in but got fired or was not cast because of this.

  7. See, gender based crime is sort of like hate crime. They have to guess at the criminals intent and they often get it wrong. Did he beat up that woman for being a woman….or was it that she was a target of opportunity, was it the womanliness or the purse full of cash? Did the guy strangling the person of color keep yelling I hate your <color> I hate your <color> you should all be dead…..or did they just want to kill someone or took some other offense like they hated people that wore 501 jeans or something.

    If a avowed feminist deliberately mowed down some guys at a football game, did she do it because they were guys, she hated football or just because she had a bad case of PMS? Who's to tell, I'm confident however that her lawyer will claim PSTD, from spousal abuse, a sugar laden diet brought on by postpartum depression and mansplaining triggering her from the years of dyslexia she had to endure. By trails end they will claim she deserved the Humanitarian of the year award for resisting killing the women at the game. Ala Amber Heard style of responsibility vs. consequences.

  8. Finally. The other day I said to my friend “remember when everyone hated Johnny Depp because he hurt Amber Herd but then we found out Amber abused Depp and then everyone stfu? Yes. Thought so.” Made me so mad. Everyone was SO QUICK to judge and slam Depp and then when the truth comes out those same people just shrug and ignore. Like no. We let this man down. She fucking sh*t on the bed! She told damaging lies! She even said “I’ll tell them you hit me. Who are they gonna believe? Me or you?”
    Won’t be seeing Aqua Man. I gotta hold on to what’s left of my integrity.

  9. Most men don't have millions of dollars to even attempt to reclaim their name. Smart men would say why try? But I do have a very small optimistic side because of women like you Sydney. People just need to stop stereotyping each other.

  10. 25 states have decided to give the new covid vaccine to blacks, Hispanics and Native Americans during this first wave of injections and then give it to white people later. Could it be that the government is not as confident in this quickly thrown together vaccine as they are telling everyone?? Could it be that they have decided to try it out on brown skin people first before they give it to all the nice white people??
    If this vaccine is as wonderful as they say it is shouldn't they give it to all of the front line medical workers, doctors, nurses, lab techs etc…first so they can stay healthy so they will be able to save the rest of us if we get sick? Something smells fishy here!!!!!
    I'm a 64 year old Republican white man from the state of Alabama and even my eyebrows went up when I heard of this little government plan. This sounds like something straight up out of Adolph Hitler's own personal playbook. This little government scheme tells me that I don't want this vaccine injected into me or any member of my family….at least not yet!!!
    I just have one thing to say to blacks, Hispanics and native Americans……..RUN!!

  11. Humanitarian definition from Merriam Webster: A person promoting human welfare and social reform.
    How is she a humanitarian? How are people so ridiculous that they will pay $33,000 for a virtual talk from a KNOWN spouse abuser about domestic violence? Sydney's point is spot on (I'm sure we all thought it as she said it that she must be instructing people on HOW to be abusive, not how not to be abused.)
    If I had $33,000 and I had to choose between Amber Heard and 15,000 bags of salt and vinegar chips, even if I didn't like the chips, I would STILL choose the chips.

  12. I´m 100% with you! That this is actually a reality is totally insane. Hollywood hypocrisy is a flagship for the hypocrisy rampant in our society as a whole. We have to protest and make waves, because otherwise we are just sheep. I refuse to be a sheep. All of this is not virtuous, all of this is rotten and twisted.

  13. This is why more and more men don't hold back when a woman hits them. Equal rights (and lefts) these days.

    And NOT A SINGLE DOLLAR of my American money will go to ANYTHING with Amber Heard in it. NOT A PENNY.

  14. I've seen several vids of other celebs talking about Heard and never once has it been anything good. And if she was blacklisted all she would have to do is take off her clothes and she would be back in the game again.

  15. I have very bad females in my life that harassed me for years. The police did nothing until a couple years ago when I brought charges against them. The police trashed the case very malfeasantly, telling me I should be charged for bothering women. Well, despite keeping distance from them, they harassed me more…now I have some very condemning police foia files, as I make more charges. It is very hard for me to protect myself from these abusive individuals. But now, the police are caught breaking laws to protect the guilty. The police are just as corrupt, trained to protect female suspects at all costs…and now it may cost them. Its worse than everyone is imagining.

  16. It makes me so fucking angry how her toxic femininity isn't a thing at all. She single-handedly brought down one of the most beautiful souls in Hollywood and everyone pandered to her. Disgusting.

  17. Sydney thank you so much for doing what you do. Our voices are powerful even if they aren't as loud as the leftist propaganda out there sometimes, but they do count! Sending love from New Zealand.