RexCast #25 | UKRAINE CRISIS: The Russian Perspective

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  1. 1. Russia attacks while saying "No no no we are only training, no war , really , have we ever lied ?" Russia shoot first bullet.
    2. Sanctions are wider then Netflix, microprocessors , car parts , shipsp arts, ect… patents, yet somehow all apologists are returning to MCDonald and Netflix all the time -.-
    3. Europe changed it's tune. German pro-russian government has to change direction cose now 70% of Germans are afraid for Russia.
    4. Putler was telling NATO was at fault by setting borders near…and slowly rotting away… Now NATO will create 500 000+ army and modernize it.
    5. Russia was telling it will prove Ukrainian crimes in Donbas… like 2 weeks ago ?… still waiting…
    6. Telling Russian army would like to bombard cities with no population inside… HOW IN FUCK you expect few million city to escape in 1 day after they started war and bombing cities ?
    7. I really HOPE EU will change it laws to make Russia pay for this crime in full.
    8. Tiny pipe to China that will be build sometime in future cannot change fact that Russia needs EU market. I hope someone will blowup main pipes in Ukraine so Russia chokes on their gas.
    9. If Russia had solid evidence against Ukrain they never showed it first, they shoot first.
    … more points if i feel like it.

  2. I used to be a follower of the channel but the "experts" that are chosen to talk here just sadden me.
    Speaking of Geneve convention they forgot to mention that russian soldiers use forbidden weapon of mass distruction (thermobaric and phosphorus bombs), that they film torturing of Ukrainian captives and killing them in disgraceful ways, that russians rape and hang local women and children, that they shoot into civilians with kids at 'green corridors', that they are literally causing genocide in Mariupol as we speak and make people die of starvation and dehydration, that they bombed a theater in Mariupol where 1500 women and children were hiding and there was a sign "children" … Why don't you talk about this? This is supposed to be an 'independent' opinion place, but apparently it's very one-sided. Thousands of people listening to you and missing important information.

  3. A "war"… Russia has not even sent in its Infantry. Also, as mentioned, the power and water still work! My argument 1. This "war" is a distraction to bring into the place the New World Order. 2. There will be perpetual war in a far away land just as Orwell predicted. 3. The West, Russia, and China are all in cahoots. 4. War is a great distraction that will create MANY "emergencies" to help the US president enact perpetual emergency powers to finally nullify the constitution.

  4. I’m glad u finally got some people that know what they are talking about. I don’t want to be a troll but those other guys were not totally wrong but they were very misleading. I sit right next to 2 Armenians that just moved over and all they do is listen to Russia TV all day so I see can the Russia mistreating Ukrainians everyday.

  5. Did it ever occur to these "analysts" that the entire point of sending forces to Kiev, etc. was to keep reserves from going to Donbass which is, and still appears to be, total occupation? The Donbass is now gone, and we all know it.
    Does anyone with two brain cells think the Russians used so few troops to take over the entire Ukraine?
    Right now…the elite Ukrainian units are being destroyed. The rest of the place is standing pat.
    Get some real analysts on here.Not western-focused ones.

  6. How come they didn't mention the official russian law that allows to spread fakes about Ukrainian soldiers? For "good causes" of course.
    Ukrainians filming their captives? Yeah, the same captives that before arriving were making videos saying "Ukraine we are coming for you, you gonna cry like little b*tches"…
    We do realize rus is invading and ukr is protecting their homes and families and their country, right?

  7. Poor Russia. Biggest country in the world with 6000 nukes. The only way they can feel safe is to attack and plunger their neighbors forever. They sell what they dig from the ground they conquered with no added value. Everything in Russia sucks. Even army. But it's OK, they have nukes..

  8. I wish the guy who kept saying "the ukranians commited war crimes against captured soldiers but Russia probably did the same" could just shut up. He's comparing regular soldiers to full blooded Nazis. Don't paint either the Russian regular troops OR the Ukranian regular troops as just another version of the Azov monsters commiting the same kind of atrocities. Damn that guy pissed me off like no other. Wet-behind-the-ears kids who get their intel from mainstream media.

  9. The Russian perspective? You mean the state controlled media Brainwashed Russian perspective. Because that’s exactly how Russia’s society operates. They are extremely isolated from information

  10. My father-in-law was a high-level official after the fall of the Marcos regime in the Philippines. He used to laugh at the dinner table when we would talk about corruption in politics. He would say "the Philippines learned everything about corruption from the Americans".

  11. Whatever gold Russia had in western banks has probably been gone for a long time now and this is just an opportunity for the western banks to claim they've frozen or arrested that gold, when in actuality, it was sent to Saudi Arabia and probably Israel many years ago to make-good on other agreements that the mundanes aren't allowed to know about. If the western banks had been asked to return Russian gold to Russia, they would not have been able to and it would have been kept a secret, so that may have happened and this is probably just propaganda.

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