RFK Jr. / Children’s Health Defense is The Most Important FDA Vaccine Lawsuit – Viva Clip

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  1. Here in Australia, we had a similar suit brought. Guess what? Court ruled our governments can mandate whatever they want – and NO, they don't need to look at any evidence presented to them. Not from doctors, not from epidemiologists, not from peer-reviewed research, not from the drug companies… nothing!

    So after that soul-destroying loss, I really need some wins to go our way (even if it's in the states). CHD & RFK Jr & all affiliated staff have been simply amazing throughout this, I cannot thank them enough personally for the information and guidance they share with us all.

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  3. Just go check on the cdc web site what study lead to the fda approval for kids and you'll fall off your chair!
    Very small sample tests, done on already health compromised kids, no relevant proofs of efficacy but still was recommended as safe and effective with benefits outweighs the risks… that's sick!

  4. You can go to the FDA's website and see for yourself that they do NOT do independent testing of the products that they approve. They merely analyze the data given to them BY THE MANUFACTURER of that product, and rubber stamp it. They know exactly NOTHING about the products they approve for our consumption! 🤬THEY LIED!

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  6. Barnes just gave the best description of the actual vaccine approval process by the FDA etc that I've heard yet. We can only hope their lawsuit is successful which would create a precedent for others to sue.

  7. Hi Viva, did you know that in August 2021, nurses in Quebec were offered $25,000.00 to have the shot? However! They only get the money if they don't miss any work for a year. So that means they are showing up to take care of vulnerable people when they are sick themselves, even with the virus.

  8. The most frightening thing about this for 'the people' is how the agencies "we" think are there to protect us, demonstrated that they are there for pharmaceutical giants and government power. The most frigntening thing for the nation as an whole is how 'offcials' elected and otherwise, simply granted themselves all manner of authorities they should never have had, in the name of an 'emergency' they declared themselves…
    and all over a virus with a lethality rate hovering around 1%. What will they do to us if something dangerous comes along?

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