RFK Junior And Children’s Health Defense Targeted by a NYS State Senator To Be Kicked Off of Twitter

“New Censorship Low: RFK Junior And Children’s Health Defense Targeted by a NYS State Senator To Be Kicked Off of Twitter”

Written by Daily Clout


  1. The colleges are pressuring student athletes who are not vaccinated to get it, saying "Those who have not been vaccinated will be treated differently than those who have been vaccinated." Next minute they say "It's a personal choice." Next minute "I've got very hard decisions to make about good players."
    Who's pressuring? Are coaches the mouthpiece? AD'S? NCAA? Will it take an athlete in prime shape dying after getting the Vax for them to stop??? Children's rights – where ARE they?
    How dare they push this FDA UNAPPROVED shot!

  2. Thank you so much for speaking with this man, Naomi. ? You're a good one.
    We are in the darkest times right now and too many people refuse to look at what is actually going on…too busy believing (uncritically) what corporate media is telling them. This is a horror show.

  3. You two are legit heroes!! I cannot believe how few of our political, academic, philosophic or artistic intelligentsia or public figures are saying anything about what’s going on. I have searched and found no more than a handful. And that’s globally mind you. There’s you two, Vandana Shiva, David Suzuki ( I think) and a handful of prestigious doctors and a handful of alternative news sites. But where is Noam Chomsky or Chris Hedges, or a multitude of other so called radical liberals? All I’m hearing is crickets

  4. So you are expressing what we believe to be our rights concerning Free Speech under the umbrella of our Constitution of the US , which means nothing if it's not enforced . Now I would like to propose that we are missing what should be the real conversation . Are the vaxxines to help protect us or the opposite to thin the herd ? Wuhan and the rest of China started with a simple flu vaxxine . Then Wuhan turned on the 5g which because the frequency is the same as oxygen sent up a massive "corona" cloud skyward . The people's immune systems already weakened from the vaxxines then added the "last straw" the mandated masks which cut the peoples intake of oxygen even more and they began dying everywhere .

  5. Naomi, I have connected with Heidi and hope to do something positive in AZ as a school board member in my small rural community and perhaps my county, as well…maybe even my state.

  6. If one listens to him they would know how seriously he takes the ethics attorneys take an oath to uphold. Unfortunately other attorneys are shunning these ethics including the NY Bar Association. Clarence Thomas is absolutely correct in that the 1st amendment apply to social media as agents of the government

  7. Their behavior is so transparent. They never talk about helping people boost their immune systems. They know vitamin D is so essential to immune health and the very reason why dark skinned people are so much more susceptible is due to poor skin absorbtion of vitamin D. It is essential. Why doesn’t Fauci tell people to take it?
    Why does the average person not know about Ivermectin treatment to both protect from and literally obliterate the SARsCoV-2 virus in 4 days? Stops it from replicating. Why? All rhetorical questions of course. It’s because they’re murderous bastards making money off our suffering. Fun times!

  8. This is so terrifyingly enlightening…. Naomi thank you for these videos and educating us. I have two daughters and two sons who’s health I’m protecting thanks to this information. Please keep them coming.

  9. Thank you Naomi & RFK Jr. You both bring hope to this dark time in history.
    Am convinced this is part of a greater Sinister plan in the works. Not enough voices in high places denouncing the shennaigans. What do they know? Who bought them off? Gates & Zuckerberg thus far….

  10. ………….. TUCSON, Ariz., March 29, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — In the rush to administer more than a million doses of COVID vaccines daily, proper consent is not being always documented, according to patients' reports to Physicians for Civil Defense.

    These products are not FDA approved, but are only available under an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA), notes Jane Orient, M.D., the organization's president. By law, persons must be free to accept or decline such products.

    ..Research into effects on ovarian function have just begun and won't be complete until February 2022……Severe illness and death when vaccinated individuals are later exposed to the virus—antibody-dependent enhancement—has occurred with vaccines for related viruses, and has not been excluded for this virus.

    Israel's mass vaccination campaign is being called human experimentation in violation of international law…..


  11. Thanks for standing up free speech RFK. But Naomi I must object. The first amendment does protect violent speech. It does not promote violent speech though. By turning ones rhetoric towards violence you do risk the result of being responsible for violence but the Constitution never limits irresponsible speech. Maxine Waters and certain Militia Members ( Whats the difference) have an equal right to speak out in favor of violence. The Constitution also provides protection of those who are victims of such irresponsible behavior.

  12. These fake vacs are not vacs at all. The definition of a vac is very specific. These are a gene experiment technology. Do the research. Thankyou for your good works Bobby, An Naomi. Guidance,an protection

  13. So much courage in these brilliant people. Fighting for transparency against the most corrupt and powerful industry of our time is no small feat. Thank you both!

  14. How some people fail to see the connections and CONFLICT OF INTEREST between Gates and Fauci and big pharma and big tech is beyond me. This is all planned. PROBLEM REACTION SOLUTION

  15. "freedom to assemble" "stay in your house and do what you are told". In UK also, people wonder how govs can get away with such dictatorship. With or without 'pandemic' concerns (which there wsn't).

  16. In 1993 the NSA released classified documents that demonstrated beyond a shadow of a doubt that all the accusations Senator Joseph McCarthy made against people on the communist payroll were true! Tailgunner Joe is a Great American Hero.

  17. Thank you for this Important information. I applaud both of you for speaking up on what I feel , is the Truth. I'm from South Mississippi and there is more people here that hasnt taken the vaccine. I'm the only one in my entire family that did have both vaccines of the phyzer. I just got to a point, that I was terrified of catching this virus and giving it to my Children and Grandchildren, and Friends. I watch, I listen, and to be honest, I'm more afraid now because I did get vaccinated.

  18. Would you recon that someone of these blokes may have killed Petr Kellner- ironically a Czech billionaire when you mention Kafka…hes a martyr. As we speak another African martyr in Nigeria has been illegally kidnapped in Kenya and moved to Nigeria. These people are like uberman, I see next Hitler emerging from all this mess. It need not to be if we just fight the psychopaths

  19. So many repeat rhetoric they hear about RFK Jr. cancelling him instead of taking the time to actually listen to what he has to say. I trust Bobby Kennedy more than any or his critics. He's one of us, loves animals (saw his dog in the background & heard a bird) and has more empathy in his little finger than his critics & their cronies ever thought about.