Richard Hanania How Militarists HIJACKED US foreign policy, enriched themselves off forever wars

Richard Hanania breaks down his new book, “Public Choice Theory and the Illusion of Grand Strategy: How Generals, Manufacturers and Foreign Governments Shape American Foreign Policy.”

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  1. The administration of Bush The Dumber did EXACTLY what the cabal of neoconservative/Zionists in power in that administration wanted to do – that is to overthrow as many of the Middle East countries as they could which they had clearly outlined in planning documents – in support of both increased U.S. control in the region AND in support of Israel's grand plans to balkanize the Middle East to their benefit. Destroying those nations as functioning entities WAS ALWAYS THE PLAN – there was NEVER ANY INTENTION to "democratize the Middle East" or any other such nonsense. Leaving the Middle East in ruins so that none of the targeted nations could pose any threat to Israeli expansion and control was ALWAYS priority number one. The reason Putin was so demonized by the West was because Russia finally got in the way of the West's efforts to use our so called "moderate jihadists" to overthrow Assad, after having already done so with Libya. That the same policies continued under Obama as had been initiated under Bush tells you everything you need to know about how both our political parties serve the same interests – and spoiler alert – those "interests" aren't those of the American people – surprise, surprise.

  2. There is a strategy, just not one people expect. Strategy is to sow fear. Because fear makes people easy to control. Originally it was done with Cold War, now it is terrorism.
    Just like with diseases and Big Pharma, goal is not to cure diseases, but to keep treating people for those disease. Its a business. Its just that currency of fear is power. And those people love their power.
    There is a reason why today number of terrorist organizations is highest than ever before and their funding and manpower are only growing.
    There is a reason why despite 20 years of democratization, Afghanistan ended up in far worse shape it was when it was first occupied. There is a reason why "democratically elected" president of this country, fled moment occupational forces boarded planes. There is a reason why despite absolute numerical superiority(their estimated size was ~6 times of Taliban forces) and far more advanced equipment of Afghan Army, Taliban had no problems taking country over. With most of said army just joining them.
    There is a reason why most of terrorist organizations originating in the Middle-East are a direct result of US warmongering.
    There is a reason why most of "terrorist" leaders are being assassinated by US accidentally, during various unrelated ops. At the same time US just cant stop murdering civilians, completely by "accident", at rates that imply clear planning. To keep the hornet nest buzzing, so that War on Terror could drag on indefinitely.

  3. i think the purpose of build back better was to destroy the whole city or area then rebuilding it just like the RESET.. like setting the whole city in fire🔥then rebuilding it again out of rubbles..

  4. This is NOT about Ukraine. This is about the NWO . Russia, India. North Korea and the China. They don't want to be part of the people Depolarization. What is written in the NWO plan. What's they call climate change. We dealing with huge Humans species killing killers. NATO and United Nations members and the CIA they all part of them .

  5. 9/11 was an inside job if you want to see the proof look up the CD where did the buildings go by dr. Judy Woods is conclusive evidence of particle beam microwave type was used to fragment the building until little molecules and it just disappeared into dust

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