Ricky Gervais: Censoring Speech Is Dangerous

Ricky Gervais has become one of the most vocal defenders of free speech—and he CRUSHES IT ? So well said.

Written by PragerU


  1. i ha+e jewish people and want them to bur,

    you may ha+e amber herd and want her to bur,

    you may want the chiness to bun.

    you may want your used to be boyfirend or girl friend be bruned,

    you may want to vent out all your anger towerds a group. but hey lets cencor that, and become a communist country and facsists. right. violate human rights right.

    as a great president once said. I WILL DEFEND


    In , Hall wrote the phrase: "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it" as an illustration of beliefs"

    sited info

    see. this is how you know if its fact checked or not, is when someone sites the info.

    face book, reddit, any privite secotor that allows public invasion is in grave violation of human rights. and are nothing more then communist faccists

  2. A few years ago, the media in the US used terms like "radical" and "far" all the time. It was always "the far left/right". They were never interested in hearing from just "the left/right", because it wasn't edgy enough.

    Then, very rapidly, the words changed. The "far left" and "the far right" just became = The left and the right.

    And the debaters abused the hell out of this.
    Debaters on the right are very quick to convince the public that Left = Far left = Socialism = Communsim = Totalitarianism = the end of all things.
    Debaters on the right are very quick to convince the public that Right = Far Right = Fascism = Nazism = Totalitarianism = the end of all things.

    But I bet that probably 80% of people are in the middle of the spectrum and just a little to either the left or the right.

    I'm from Denmark, but the American politics and media are influencing other countries as well.

    I don't want the American way to become the Danish way.

    "Crushes it" "debater DESTROYS other debater". Come on man, he is just expressing his views….

  3. what's even more dangerous- eventually fatal to society- is pushing people into victimhood identity groups while inciting class envy and resentment towards competence hierarchy. I say this has become purposefully intensified in the last decade or we're seeing the 3rd generation manifestation of orchestrated plans by those who tried this during the 20th century, costing 80 million lives.