Ricky Gervais Says Anyone Mildly Conservative Is SLAMMED As Evil

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  1. Aren't journalists supposed to be milquetoast fence-sitters looking at both sides? Presenting the facts as they find them? Yeah I guess so you can say that Tim injects his opinion.

  2. An interesting thing with him, he can insult hollywood to its faces at an award broacast. The grimaces on even the face on Tom Hanks and others. And the efforts to cancel him has not really been successful. And producers apparently still hire him, because he may do something to offset poor ratings. REMOVE the immunity of google, fb, w/e, and make them liable as publishers.

  3. Bari Weiss is down for canceling people who speak up for Palestine and anyone who speaks against Israel. F her.

    Look up Norman Finkelstein. He suffered cancel culture before Twitter.

  4. So tired of the racist and hitler comments.If you can't give a reply then don't say anything.If all you can answer is namecalling your an actual moron.

  5. Any person participating in rioting, looting, violence, disruption of peace, interfering with police activity, disorderly conduct, or any other criminal activity should be banned from welfare, food share, gov/city rent stipend, disability (including parking passes) and SSDI. That will keep these “protestors” peaceful.

  6. here, we have a patriot who will admit he makes mistakes, and admits trump isnt perfect. then on the otherside we have morons who are never wrong who think every little mistake is a reason to chase someone down and beat their brains in.

  7. example of liberal mindset.

    Them: Take me to disney, and pay for everything. I will pick everything. Take me out to eat and pay, and I will pick whatever I want and not touch most of the food I order. Take me to the festival and pay for my ticket so I can hang out with me friends.

    Sleeps with 'friend'

    You: I'm going home. Have a nice time.

    Them: OMG you are such a jerk! you are worse than satan or hitler! OMG Im calling the police

  8. As a vegan conservative, I was harassed on Twitter by the right, only posting nutrition science. They reported my tweets and I was told to delete them, so I deleted twitter instead. Just saying we are not as perfect as you think on this side… Many are not so bright, with respect to Christianity, covid, and anti-choice arguments. I know I sound like a lefty… F that… Maga baby

  9. Anyone mildly conservative is Hitler . OOOOH , names calling , that's supposed to shock me ? Twitter is nothing more than pee ons trying to sound like thunder .

  10. Ricky Gervais is one of the very few of hollywood who is a realist who i don't agree with all the time but he understands that we have a right ro disagree and that the beauty of Ricky that i respect? Even tho we have different opinions? I will dwfend there right to say it because it's there right to say it even though i disagree? That's America Ricky should get the Noble peace prize for being actually be courageous in his persuit of True Equality?

  11. I mention Ricky Gervais in a comment on a different video about an hour ago and this pops into my recommends…. I try my best to block all the big brother shit and I'm a computer chap so I know a thing or two, but Big Brother knows more, has all the cards, the x-ray specks and changes the rules as you play. I'm probably paranoid, but better dead than red.

  12. Yeah. It's insane how easily triggered the liberals are today. I have to keep quiet about any conservative views at work. The liberals I work with would not allow any of that. They say its racist be Christian and patriotic. Smh

  13. Maybe Libertarian is the way to go. I’m a Dem who filled out my voter registration and paused before I selected Repub. in a two party system I think we got a bigger issue.