RIGGED Debate Moderate Caught Using “I was Hacked” Excuse SEVERAL Times

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  1. In other words – we were doing great turning everyone to Communism slowly whilst no one noticed before someone got wind of it and stupid ignorant people voted him into office. Now, we are promising if only we can cheat our way back into the White House, we'll speed your turn to Communism at light speed, like the first 4 years, and change the rules so you'll never get your FREEDOM back. EVER!! ?????

    November 2020. America needs to choose if the WORLD would rather wear SHACKLES for life or choose FREEDOM & PROSPERITY for life.

  2. Whenever someone without proper computer knowledge claims "It was not my fault. I was hacked" you know they're most probably lying or the don't know what they're talking about.

  3. It doesn't matter what they get caught doing, they can do no wrong. For them, the ends justify the means, they lie, cheat and steal right in front of everyone's faces just as long as it gets orange man out of office.

  4. Their plan is to get Biden elected and then invoke the 25th amendment and put Kamala in place as President. That is their plan. So all you Democrats out there, the question you should be asking yourself is, do you want Kamala Harris as your president? These are crooked politicians and will do anything to get power including deceiving their own constituents. They don’t care about what you want. They will do whatever it takes to regain power. And it’s sad that the Democratic Party will allow this to happen. Just think about it. How bad did you really have it under Trump? I’m sure most of you could handle another four years of President Trump but do you really want Kamala as your president. Just wait until 2024 and actually put someone you want in office then. Not what Pelosi and the radical left want now. Just a thought

  5. Green jobs are government jobs that will never go away that you cannot vote with your dollars to say screw you as opposed to Trump jobs which are in the free and natural economy where you can vote with your feet and your dollars if somebody is a piece of shit who doesn’t care about their customers .

    Government ran healthcare will be just like the DMV and every other government institution you have to deal with, they’ll be sitting someone behind the counter, who can’t get fired, who is yawning while you’re telling them how bad you were treated last week and now you’re in more pain, and they’ll be yawning & tip tapping on the phone to Sheila because they really don’t care and they’re going to get paid no matter what …
    That’s government healthcare ! Pathetic !

  6. This is REALLY SAD. Back in Jan. 2017 we had a Trump inauguration celebration, and somebody invited the local press. I remember telling him: "THE ONLY UNBIASED MEDIA IS C-SPAN" Now C-SPAN is biased???? I don't know why I stopped watching them around 2018… I guess I must have sense something… IMHO

  7. And the "nonpartisan" debate commission figured that Biden still couldn't win the debate, so the decided it would be a virtual "debate" without informing either campaign.

  8. I will say two words here, watch "Idiocracy." ok a few more then "it has electrolites, its good." and that tells you where the left wants to take us.

  9. When are the media (TV News, Social Media, Print Media) going to be held responsible for the same thing they tried to charge Trump with….Election Interference by censoring or simply removing one entire side.