Rigged Election Exposed Through LAWSUITS | Rudy Giuliani | Ep. 85

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Written by Rudy W. Giuliani


  1. Thank you Rudy…Always!
    Why didn’t they have a video camera on the counters? Not the voters, only the counters and watchers? That would have been so easy if you wanted a more honest vote. They didn’t want an honest vote though.
    I guess the Dems doing the planning didn’t see the millions upon millions of people who came to see the president. I don’t need polls. I just need to see people support to know who will win. The president won!
    I can’t even believe Pelosi won again in CA after all the chaos she’s caused…the lies she’s told. Maybe she has it rigged until she dies. Who knows.
    How do they expect someone who definitely has thinking problems to be able to wake up in case of a 2 a.m. National Emergency and make a proper decision? It just wouldn’t be possible. His medicine would have worn off by then. They don’t care because another will really be making the decisions for him.
    See how quick the Biden Family’s crimes went away!
    When did the People quit deciding when and how They would be governed? It was in 1871 approximately when we were all made into corporations by our birth certificate numbers.

  2. My family and all 4 other cousins donated to Team Trump for voting recount. He will win back. God bless our President and USA. God bless you, Mayor Giuliani.

  3. covid 19, the death rates associated with it, and the severity of the actual disease was so bloated up and inflated by the media to instill fear in the american people and thereby encourage mail in voting. this mail in voting facilitated the fraud that were seeing and uncovering now in the election. its a little suspicious the vaccine is now 90% effective and i have not heard a single thing about it, nor its existence until after the ap called the election prematurely for biden.

  4. All votes NOT seen by both sides are Invalid that's in our Constitution! Anyone who doesn't WANT 100% of us to KNOW which man will be President is supporting all the Voter Fraud — Who believes that MORE Black Americans voted for Biden than Ovomit??? Not a chance in hell – Keep Fighting – MY Votes should count as much as Anyone else, Not less by 1 Fraud ballot cancelling mine out.

  5. All media needs to be shut down. Sadly, including FOX as well. I feel so sorry for the people who believe who believe Biden’s promises (who should be in jail)

  6. Biden has been a very deep inner friend of CCP. He has been in payroll of CCP. Spreading the virus is the one of evil strategies to destroy America and help Biden to take over America, so CCP can take over America. Actually Communists really wanted to take over the world using human weakness by bribery and sexy women and social mediams to control leaders like Biden first , so the evils of Communits can change the colors of many democracy countries to be the Communism countries.

  7. I definitely suggest joining Parler. Seems to be some fake accounts in your name since its such a new platform… But it is a way better Twitter Alternative (by all means don't leave twitter though, might help advertise your Parler account. They won't censor you like Twitter does.. "This claim has been disputed – click here to read this article we hand chose for you", yeah okay Jack Doorknob… thanks for the propaganda machine. I swear, its getting to be quite Orwellian on legacy tech platforms. So far Parler and Rumble seem to be the only alt tech with a high enough quality to be considered competitors for YouTube and Twitter.

  8. Here is hoping the courts look at the evidence objectively and disqualify any votes that have clearly been counted against the law. ALL votes must be treated equally, and only those that are equal and within the standards of the counting process up til now, should be counted. I also really hope you guys are going down this Dominion path. I could absolutely see that if counties are showing flipped votes in the thousands due to software error… and its being used in 30 states! I could easily see a million or more votes flipped from that alone! Is it possible for you to get a judge to order the source code be handed over to your team? Have it looked at from a professional? As far as I am concerned, I would think all 30 states should be hand counted and audited to make sure Dominion didn't reproduce this error everywhere else. I want a fair and properly counted election. Maybe from now on we can make mass mail-in voting illegal, and get rid of machine counting. With proper observers, hopefully we won't run into this problem ever again.

  9. The Founders set up the elections as a revolution every four years. If the Dem's take away that revolution then they will get the other revolution. I would rather the revolt came from the ballot box, but that's up to the Dem's.

  10. Mr, Guiliani I find your channel extremely interesting, but all those conspiracy regarding Hunter Binden for sample, it's a totally disappointment that the DOJ or the FBI are not on this like flies on S** I feel that all these people like Joe, Hillary, hunter etc are still FREE and above the law… PROUD ME WRONG!…

  11. Where was the fraud, Specially in high population volume that were i saw biden got elected , where i find it fishy and where hide most of the fraud

  12. There is also a legal argument regarding what Dinesh said….statistic impossibilities… 138k vote that all went Biden and none to Trump while the senate and house republicans votes were constant. Another one is Pennsylvania….voters over the age of 90 had a 1000% increase in voting??? If this ain't vote rigging what is it????

  13. Hi Rudy in 2016. My co worker's sister lived in Pennsylvania every time she enter Trump….Clinton came up. Not sure what system they had.. But the FBI was contacted. In hindsight I guess it didn't matter. DONT GIVE UP MASS VOTING HAS BEEN TEMPERED WITH TOO.

  14. I think it's important to know who the vote counter were . But be a trail of those people.. were they bused in and paid to cheat. Look at bus tickets ect.. there names. Are they Involved with ANTIFA or BLM..???

  15. Mr. Giuliani, I am a Maricopa County Republican Councilmember. I have what might be big-time or at least one iincident of election fraud at a voting station I was 'supposed' to be working at. I need to know where to send or call this in too. If anyone out there knows his mailing address or a phone number, please let know . Am afraid to give it to anyone here because I no longer trust the polititions . God Bless


  17. Biden & his scum delierately made a tangled mess of the voting fraud elections hoping President Trump would get discouraged & give up. That's why Liberal scum are trying to bully Pres. Trump to HURRY UP & CONCEDE! Keep investigation going in every state that had rigged voting machines!