Right On Cue: Here Comes The Big Distraction…

Right On Cue: Here Comes The Big Distraction…

This video covers the mass awakening and attempts to distract from it.

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  1. Europe this is your backyard.
    It is your job to sort out.
    Keep out of Ukraine for all but European alliance.
    No NATO no Russia only Ukraine and Europe that's it.
    Peace keeping forces only multiple countries supply.
    No aggression only defence.

  2. Russia will invade Ukraine, China will invade Taiwan and South China Sea, and then Israel will be attacked by surrounding Arab nations and WW3 will begin just as Albert Pike stated it would, with war in the middle east and war in Asia against China.

  3. "If you give me money, I'll let you hear me say things that every other truther is saying for free on mainstream platforms all over the internet." – Luke (merchant shill)

  4. I heard that American Truckers, hundreds of them, will be coming up here to show support, from Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, New York, North and South Carolina, and those who can't get through the border, will block it.

  5. They got what they needed from covid as far as bailing out big pharma now it's time for the smoke screen so no real questions can be asked about covid by starting a war and having Biden pay back the people who have been dumping money into his account and others! We have been played once again!

  6. I live in Moldova. There are two brigades of Russian troops deployed in Transnistria, about 40 miles to my East. The U.S. has "military trainers" deployed 20 miles to my east, within 20 miles of the Russian troops, and the U.S. put a store of military equipment in Chisinau, where I live. During the war in the Donbass, 3 million Ukrainians fled the country, most to Russia where they have family and friends. 80% of eastern Ukraine is ethnic Russian and will not defend the present, very corrupt Ukrainian government. The western 1/3 of Ukraine is 90% Ukrainian, but also ethnic Slav. Unfortunately, this was the launching pad for the overthrow of the elected Ukrainian government in 2014, with the U.S. funding, arming, and training the neo-Nazi Right Sector which carried out the coup. Most Moldovans know very well what's going on and aren't in any panic, nor am I. The German, Italian, and French governments are not supporting the narrative coming out of the U.S. State Department. They and we here know there are NO Russian troops "massing on the border of Ukraine," and that this is a distraction generated by the U.S. and the EU Foreign Ministry, which works closely with the U.S. Unfortunately, the law of unintended consequences is that there is a real danger some the the neo-cons, who are children playing with guns, will do something stupid/delusional and things will spin out of control.

  7. Another aspect of this Ukraine issue you might consider. We all know about the illegal shenanigans with a certain presidential sibling and this country. I’m thinking there are still rich flowing financial ties and Putin is sticking his hand in the Bidens pocket. A little Russian let’s go Brandon.

  8. I personally think America shouldn't be involved because of a Conflict of Interest because of Biden and his Son. I think this American Government has been Bought by Ukraine and was Paid to the BIDEN Family

  9. because i live near russia before covid-19 propaganda media was full of russia war propaganda. now media came back to its tracks 😀 its just propaganda no need to read that shit…

  10. Luke, Ive been watching you since 2008, when you made your movie I believe, this would be the first time I commented. I break my silence due to a vision of police vs human war. This conflict seems inevitable, as has been said, once someone has power they never want to let it go and I will expand, …and they starve for more.

  11. Distraction is right just like Maggie Thatcher and the Falklands war. Politicians don't seem to care how many people are killed, as long as they get there own way. Time for Nuremberg 2
    To take the politicians and the billionaire class to task
    Over these crimes against humanity.

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