Right-To-Repair Expert Explains How Customers Are Screwed Over By Big Tech

Guest: Louis Rossmann
@Louis Rossmann (YouTube)
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  1. It the Lawyers. It's for legal reasons. If manufacturers provide access. and that access is used to hurt someone, someone will eventually sue the manufacturer.

  2. This has been known to me since I could work on stuff. Difference from points to coil packs. Can work on points. Replace packs. Those that have worked on a old engine knows

  3. This is the Boomer argument. We get accused of screwing the environment but we repaired all our stuff and recycled bottles etc. We cleaned up after ourselves at parks and beaches and walked far more. It's only AFTER the Boomers that we entered the "throw away" society and child slave labour for "green" car batteries and things.

  4. It's very easy to tell who is for and against "right to repair" by just looking at the donor lists. If big tech or automotive companies support them, they most likely oppose right to repair.

    Political donating is killing this country.

  5. Are you kidding me with this whole copyright of schematics, really?

    Then what about companies like texas instruments, AMD, Arm, Intel, Pic/Atmel who put out datasheets showing that chip x needs x number of capacitors, resistors linked to a power line/ground, inductor… etc…

    I wouldn't be putting up with this for more then 30 mins or so

  6. Gonna be honest, I trust those companies with my data about as much as I trust the predator, at least the predator doesn't have unlimited resources to pursue their agenda.

  7. the only reason my dad was into a car was because he love to do stuff with that specially regarding the repair things.
    reason my dad also keep saying that the age of internet mean everything was free including ourself to the point that nobody owned anything.

    imagine broke a tire on the road and all you wanna do was just changing the tire, but what you get was some jail warranty instead. this was the stuff that all of us was scared for the future.

  8. You do know what a RINO (Republican In Name Only) means? The majority of the GOP politicians are RINO's (AKA liberals pretending to be conservatives). Most politicians running as democrats are communists!

  9. Right to repair is all about defining who owns the products they purchase. We're not talking about owning copyright, just the products they purchase. It's absurd that companies are trying to deny the very basic ability for people to maintain their own products. This planned obsolescence needs to stop. This cheap imported plastic crap is designed to fail so that they can sell more units. They know it. We want to extend the use of the things we purchase for a while longer. It's not unreasonable.

  10. I was convinced this was happening to the coffee maker, Gevalia subscription.
    I always believed there was a chip with a timer or something that would make it quit working if you didn't renew on the yearly date.

  11. see that where they get you, sharing doesnt make you look bad, its your reasoning behiond your sharing, if you share things in good faith and good intentions for the people, the people will be behind you compeltely, its the big tech and politicians that you lok bad to, not the people, stop protecting them.

  12. Think we need to restore old vehicles/equipment and just stop buying new altogether. Bring back the vehicles and equipment that didn't rely on chips/computers. Go back to dumb phones where possible, try to minimize dependence on smart tech much as possible.

  13. They want the data and the market cornered. Just wait till China is the only one to fix the fancy electric cars. They will know everything about what ppl do and where they go and will be the only ones to access that data.

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  15. Ask yourself ‘what else was in that bill?’. Some might have voted against it due to it being weak or something that was slipped in that had nothing to do with the bill.

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