Ring doorbell gives footage to police without warrant or consent


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Written by Louis Rossmann


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  1. I do have 3 ring devices. For me the doorbell allows me to tell whoever is at the door I’m on my way because as a wheelchair user it can take me longer. The one camera watches my back door. The third without audio recording is right inside the back door to monitor the cats. I keep the views limited in scope

  2. Pretty much agreed on your opinion. Using these "smart home" devices is like giving your spare keys to the key manufacturer. The only difference is… well, there ain't no differences because manufacturer has the backdoor, your security product. Probably easier on interconnected devices because there's no physical key.

  3. There's almost certain some shady things going on with this and other in-home monitoring systems. A person's home should be their private space, not an extension of the CCTV covering most of the country.

    I have the same reason for not wanting these ring etc systems as not wanting Oculus Rift – you're opening yourself up to Amazon, Facebook etc.

  4. B.. but but it is for your safety! Everything is for your safety. Fuck privacy, fuck freedom. The Govt, the companies will decide that for your safety. Relax and enjoy this wonderful era we live in

  5. Louis, you may want to look at Ubiquiti's lineup. They have a Protect G4 doorbell that costs the exact same amount as a the ring doorbell, but all of the recordings only go to a box running in your own home

  6. And it doesn't matter if you don't own one or refuse to buy one.. because there is a very good chance at least one of your neighbors will, and they'll be able to see your property anyway. Scary..

  7. I talked about this as i helped my father install and go through five pages of personal information.. to use his fireTV stick. Amazon is now too big and i used to be paid fulltime for amazon marketing ten years ago… do not trust them now for multiple reasons, especially small business which they halted my sales being the top seller of apple macbooks on amazon in 2011(yes me) amazon battled me for months to find my source

  8. Wait. If there is an "exigent or emergency" circumstance I have to fill out a form? I have watched firefighters. If there is an "exigent or emergency" the door is coming down.

  9. I've been watching you on and off for a while, though recently much more frequently. I saw your 9 month old vids complaining about financial issues and yeah, just curious how its going now, if you're comfortable talking about it. I find it a bit ironic how you seemed to see investing into building up the infrastructure of your buisness as a big mistake. Maybe that's just me.

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