Riot Police kidnap girl in yoga pants? Sydney protesters #HoldTheLine

Constable Cox a regular customer makes a star appearance on the channel while Constable Allan Lou decides the protesters “are too loud” for him… you couldn’t make this stuff up. Another public relations debacle for the newly baked Commissioner Karen who promised to protect the vulnerable and offered a “new direction”

Written by Aussie Cossack


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  1. I've never been hateful to police , but them stupid basterds needs to go along with the F't up mentality ill ghoul politicians . Your police are the criminals now . They are Just plain sickening ! You pay payers better start bring gardening tools with you on your walk abouts , because the enemy already took your guns from you .

  2. People of Australia. WAKE UP!
    You have brain dead animals attacking you daily.
    Signs and protests don’t work.
    Numbers and fighting back does!

    STAND UP NOW, weaponize and eradicate the vermin destroying your freedoms. They a NOT human.
    It’s the only way, because if you don’t, they’ll keep doing it to you until you believe prison is good for you.

  3. …"alright boys. Constable Greene will have a khaki jacket know what she looks like…we'll have her positioned at the front there. This guy Aussie Cossacks..he'll be filming this, right. So when Greene gets the signal, and Constable Licksteik gets the signal, you will all 10 of you guys grab her, ok. It will disturb the crowd..we're hoping that will trigger crowd violence, but most importantly, dark thoughts..a petite girl being swallowed up by a whole bunch of cops..she's no danger..the crowd will wonder…so it's two fold. Ideally the crowd will get violent, then we can bring out the weapons..

  4. The police have to know this- if they stand down they will be on the right side of history. They will not get commendations from the pollywankers but their children and great children will know that they stood up for their freedoms

  5. Australia presents a totalitarian regime with accompanying intimidation. These cops (they obviously take great pleasure in intimidating) are trained bullies who take great pleasure in their bullying job. This is sick, terribly sick and almost unimaginable for a "civilized" country

  6. Awesome Video Matey, This tactic has been used for the last 50 years, you attack women, children and the elderly and Men will respond which has always given them the power to show the violence the coward coppers Create and focus it on protesters.
    These Cowards train this shit the know exactly how men will react by studying it somewhere, Of course, there are No Men in this Cowardly organization because the last few left.
    I was raised with Virtues that were instilled in me like integrity, and treating others as you wish to be treated, Protect women and children and your fellow man but the New inspector is just another corrupt copper in a continuous chain and these positions must be filled by the scum chosen by the Politicians or else some coppers would slowly get morals and you understand clearly that Morals and ethics cannot be allowed to leak into a Nazi organization like the Victorian police force or all the other Corrupt police forces around Australia today because Not one of them is better than the other.
    These Vermin stole food from our Children's mouths over the last 2 years illegally under the orders of the Tyrant Nazi Government we have in Federal Sell out Scumo and his puppets the State Government Psychopathic Premiers who will not listen to the people, But they will soon not be able to hide anywhere.
    We now are 2 years down the path of Lies and we will never be locked up again and we will never allow Scumo to dictate to us or Labor, Liberal, Greens, Nats that we cannot cross our Borders or see our Family or Hold our Loved ones near, we will never be told who we can associate with ever again in our Nations History will we allow you Vermin to do this to our children.
    You were the first one on a large platform that ever spoke out loud the truth, the Police are the Scum politicians henchman and women and they act without Morals stealing food from Babies, Our Babies???????? all while they are rewarded with Massive earnings, while our Families are starved and these are not opinions they are the Facts of 2 Years of tyranny under a medical system that saw the opportunity to make Hundreds of Billions at our Expense, News organizations who Banded Free Speech and the Facts from day one and people were punished for trying to march or speak out against these criminals.
    Unfortunately for these cowards and Criminals all working together, the Facts are completely exposed and we are coming for you and you will be punished so keep on pushing you cowards because it's all on film.
    But know this, the greatest corrupt force in Australia is the courts and their puppets but these group of sellouts and Cowards are going to fold like a cheap sheet?
    They will fold as they have done for you Simeon, and that is because we are all watching and listening to your Criminal Conduct you scum, Dr. Mark Hobart was railroaded on public domain and we watched you scum in operation, Many never knew that for decades our Scum Corrupt courts allow Government departments and Prosecutions to illegally waltz into courts minutes before proceedings begin and hand you their affidavit full of lies and you have no time to prepare any defense and supply any evidence !!!!
    These are facts in all cases, Children's services, and all other departments have been operating for decades like this and the Courts allow this illegal practice and even if you complain they will do nothing at all because they run the corruption for the coppers, the prosecutors and departments run by our Scum politicians and we tolerate this by our silence and your silence is your acceptance of these criminals and their actions.
    It's not an accident that DR Mark Hobart wrote to that Dog greg hunt and the response was a visit from Little Dannies Black shirt cowards, There are other Doctors threatened by Coward Police that you never write another letter to greg hunt.
    It is now only Black Shirts doing the Raping and pillaging and supported by the courts with illegal operations that they use today because of people who are attacked by the cowards in the fixated person unit owned by politicians and we have some people to thank for standing up and exposing their coward operations and lies, we have all seen the footage and we have all seen the facts of alleged corruption of the NSW Premier and Deputy Premier and the Prime Minister who all have decades of blood on their hands with their corrupt dealing and yes I look forward to exposing this Environmental Destruction of our Lands and the fires they caused, because Environmental Crimes have no statute of limitations and because your crimes span 3 levels of Government then I beg you Start it up and lets get into it because your crimes will not be covered up by bogus Royal Commissions, I will bury all of you under the Facts and the connections of criminal actions that will finally deliver justice to the Australian people and our Australian Lands.
    WE have tolerated much over the last 2 years but we will not tolerate lies anymore and nor will we be dictated to by Criminals or be silenced by Criminals. You started this absurd show which will ultimately save us from you and your parties that we would have never removed before because we were never focused enough on the criminals and how they achieved this insanity. WE are onto You personally and we have all the facts so when we come for you with Community Values then your crimes will be paid for by you and those that profited with you from it.

  7. Possibly undercover agent to ignite the crowd to create excuse to attack the crowd. They do it all the time in the Netherlands, except when there are too many news channel camera's watching.

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