Rioter Arrested ADMITS Its All About MONEY, Other Lunatics Attack Firefighters, WHY??

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  1. They busted another truckful of supplies headed to Kenosha. They were from a "church" that specifically states on their website their mission is to support blm. They link to other organizations that exist with the stated purpose of destroying power structures they deem unfair. Lawyers, medical personnel, logistics, training, etc. Supported by who???

  2. Tim who I'm mad the DA who refuses to prosecute anybody and puts them right back on the street how many lives were sacrificed how many buildings burned down Robbery people beaten killed because he wouldn't do his job. he is an accomplice of all these crimes against the American people.

  3. I love the woman who wrote the book "In Defense of Looting." In essence she says it's okay to loot. If you look at the beginning of the book it states that you are not allowed to steal her intellectual property. In other words, steal their property but not mine. Gotta love the Left.

  4. They respect nothing. Dead firefighters? Desecrate the memorial to them because… they feel like it and they know the msm will make excuses for them. Light up buildings while people are still in them (for the same reasons). I'm sure they feel quite powerful. Soul-less hypocrites.

  5. there is a history of African-Americans attacking fire fighters.

    didn't Edward Norton's or Edward Furlong's character, in American History X, say that one of the reasons they became white supremacist was because their characters' fire fighter father was shot and killed by an African-American when he came to put out a fire in a black neighborhood?