Rioters Vandalize Police Officers Home And Try To Kill Him, Shotgun Fired Through His Door

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  1. If you ask me, when these people show up with guns and baseball bats to "protest " in neighborhoods, and we meet them with an opposing force – I say light em up! They are here to kill us, don't just kick them out. Or at the VERY LEAST – we should make them leave their weapons, disarm them AND THEN kick them out!

  2. The county will tax the victim for having to come out and investigate the riot and shooting. Someone has to pay and the loons have nothing. The state and the rioters are the same.

  3. The article neglects to mention the shooting under review where that 17 year old suspect was trying to enter the Mayfair Mall with a loaded handgun with a 30+ magazine and the officer was attempting to stop him, the suspect shot at the officer and the officer returned fire striking the suspect and fatally wounding the suspect.

    The mayor of Wauwatosa and their common counsel is doing officer Joseph Mensah dirty. I have friends who know him and he's an upstanding officer.

    With all that's been going on in Milwaukee lately, protesters and rioters driving around purposely crashing their cars into police squads firing AK-47 out of their car window is up in the air it's been a complete and total mess.

    Some of the people in this city are becoming totally and completely unhinged. I remember a couple of months back seeing a helicopter flying in a circular pattern overhead near where I live when I came home from work, searching for these people who are doing this.

    I remember after an incident with a tenant in the building in which I live which I am the manager when the police came over and were very respectful and professional after one tenant stabbed another person in their apartment and started a fire which I put out, while outside talking with the police you could hear squealing tires and gunshots.

    The Milwaukee police and fire commission demoted the Milwaukee police chief Alfonso Morales a hispanic man who is highly respected because his officers used tear gas to control a mob of protesters. The head of the commission is under investigation for interfering with the investigation of a rape.

    These people have completely lost their minds. I cannot risk putting up a sign that says I back the badge, or my property or I will be attacked like others have so I have to do it in other ways. The mental breakdown of these people are the precursor to something worse, the current path we are going down is a very dangerous one and it doesn't help that it is being exacerbated by certain political figures.

  4. Need to watch the video. The cop who fired could not see the gun because Mr wittaker moved his gun hand back to the away side from the officer. The victim did not react as Tim describes. Still very tragic, because resistance does appear to be the intent, but needs to be properly reviewed before judging.

  5. Did you watch the video? There are other video's . But here watch this the cops are lying. Of course no one burn broke or stole other peoples stuff. because on one colors lives matter. The biggest mystery here is why didn't his white privilege save him? Just ask BLM no cop ever shoots a white person under any circumstances. But they totally hunt black people who have done nothing wrong for sport. Here is a crazy & or racist thought police reform for everyone . This henry ford aproach to justice. They want justice for everyone as long as there are black. Is bullshit

  6. There is an organized campaign to replace non-partisan judges and prosecutors with leftist radicals, and to a large extent this campaign has succeeded. Thus, vigilantes of this type are not dealt with harshly.

  7. wasn't brown that whole "hands up don't shoot" thing that turned out to be a complete pack of lies, much the same as the current hullabaloo thanks to blm lies?

  8. we know how to read. repeating the same headlines over and over again offers little perspective. and drains the listener. not bothering to watch the rest..

  9. I'm not saying the shooting of the guy who came to the door with a gun was justified. I wasn't there. But, if you think the threat on the other side of the door is potentially bad enough to need a gun, DON'T JUST FLING THE DOOR OPEN! The guy was an idiot. He shouldn't have died for it, but it was a stupid ass thing to do.

  10. People show up with guns to attack someone at their homes and it calls them protesters… yeah

    Meanwhile idiots trying to say no this is just about racial justice and how there is all this racism in america against black people… when we keep seeing it's the other way around

  11. I saw the video of that cop shooting that man at his house. I think he should be tried for murder. At the same time, I think the officer is upset about what happened and is probably going over and over in his mind what he did. At the very least he is incompetent to carry a firearm and be a police officer and should be fired. He shot the guy in the back while the guy was lying facedown.

  12. Rep. David Bowen is blaming the officer for coming out onto his front lawn. What a joke! Bowen wants people to hide and cower in their homes while a mob with pitchforks awaits them outside. What a disgrace! This tells you everything about failed leadership under black Leftists.

  13. I saw that shooting , everyone should see it ! Out of control cop and validats “The most dangerous thing you can do is have a 911 call to your house “

  14. When are people going to realize these terrorist organizations could care less about justice in any capacity . The could give a shit less about the sanctity of life…
    Simply mentally ill, psychopaths created and embolden by the Dems. and MSM.