Riots Erupt In Seattle, Leftists Throw Explosives At Cops, The Violence Has Become Normalized

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  1. ive been saying that everything has slowly been getting infected with woke virus. When I became aware is when I noticed that most games suck now. Reason being is that corporations mostly owned by China hire people who only care about spreading woke virus since they can easily promote both since they own the media as well. In turn, they can push out more low quality games filled with more microtransactions to feed on peoples gambling addictions

  2. No Tim, he's not a crazy Communist terrorist because he run after a guy, he's a crazy Communist terrorist because he WAS TAKING PART IN A COMMUNIST TERRORIST ATTACK that the media keeps calling "mostly peaceful protest". They're not protests, they're acts of terror, everyone taking part in them is by definition a terrorist, and crazy.

  3. Kyle had the right to defend himself and for his sake it was good that he had the gun on him but he should not have had the gun cause he was under age and was not suppose to have it. The point is however if someone is committing crime in lou of a person losing his life they will count it as murder. I'm not saying that Kyle was not right but its like if a man killed a man that he knew was child molester before he ever touched a child should he get off for murder. He did a good thing while doing the wrong thing probably not knowing the law.

  4. Liberals are anti-American anti-cop Pro criminal pieces of garbage. I don't think liberals deserve a right to call themselves American anymore or even stay in this country. A vote for anybody other than a republican should be considered an act of treason Upon This Nation and the full force of the law should come down on their heads.

  5. I might be inclined to believe that the polls, or anything we see, represented honest quests for truth if it weren't becoming more and more obvious, as we pull up actual videos of events, that most of what we hear is seriously skewed or even outright lied about. And the fact that these people are becoming more and more vicious can only indicate one of two things: Either they are just exposing who they really are because they feel like they have people in power protecting them and, if Joe Biden wins, they will truly create hell on earth OR they are seriously losing and know everyone thinks they are full of crap and is sick of their constant, unrelenting self pity and violence. Omar is still walking the streets. If the allegations against her produce enough evidence for a charge to be filed, I'm pretty sure its an indication of the second theory.

  6. They under counted Trump voters in 2016 to make it look like Trump was losing… now they are counting them and Biden is winning even more? how the fuck does that makes sense tim…. think about it.

  7. when polled, i say I support dem's, I want them to think they will win. And then I want to see their brains ( what they do have) melt out of their ears on Election night.

  8. Antifa, blm, democratic party all are pawns funded and controlled by China, Soros, Hollywood to change a narrative news cycle, protect those who are facing possible treason and sedition charges, to cheat and win the general election. All this to dumb down, control, and strip the American People of its sovereignty and rights as a country.If America falls, the whole world falls with it!