Riots ERUPT Over COVID Lockdowns, Trump Supporters Are OVER IT But Biden Would Lock Down EVERYTHING

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  1. Lockdowns are political, anyone who doesn't see it at this point isn't paying attention… back in march, we knew nothing about COVID and we were seeing the terrible news from Italy and everyone was freaking out, they said we have to flatten the curve or we will have to choose who gets the ventilator and who dies… now we learned a lot, including that putting people on ventilators actually does more harm than good… hospitals learned better techniques and the death rate dropped significantly… it used to be 5-10% of people who get it die… now we are talking about mortality rates of 0.2-0.6%…. we also learned people under 25 have higher death rate from seasonal flu than from COVID… we learned that people under 65 who are fairly healthy have extremely low risk… we learned that 40% of those who died in the US were in senior homes and it happened mostly early in the pandemic when democrat governors in NY, NJ, MI shoved covid patients back into nursing homes killing tens of thousands… unfortunately COVID is weaponized to get orange man bad…but any person who does objective look at the data would realize that there are huge variations from one state to another, one country to another, and a big reason is how they count cases and deaths… this might shock you, but in the US, when someone dies, they cross check them against covid cases in the system, and if that person had COVID in the last month or two before their death, it is automatically marked as COVID death, even if that person was actually in stage 4 cancer, or had renal failure, or other terminal illness… in fact, CDC data showed that 65,000 of COVID deaths had as other cause of death "self harm/other accident", which is amazing, so basically people who committed suicide or had accidents, were actually counted as COVID deaths if they had covid at the time… lockdowns don't work….masks don't work either… there is a long and rich history of research showing masks don't work, which is completely ignored here … there is also no correlation between states with mask mandates and covid deaths/cases (check California which had a mask mandate since june, yet suffered a huge second wave)… the sad thing is…lockdowns are killing people in the tens of thousands… deaths from isolation skyrocketed for people with dementia and Alzheimer's…suicides…drug over doeses… people missing cancer screenings…heart treatment… domestic abuse… etc… and finally… even the huge number of cases you see…8 millions… remember that testing has false positives of as high as 50% because of the number of cycles used (40 cycles) which makes it too sensitive…basically think of making your fire alarm so sensitive that it would go off when you light a cigarette… yet despite the high false positives…they are counted as cases… and let's just drop the insanity of counting cases… we don't count flu cases, we count flu deaths…and the same should be with COVID… people who get it and don't even feel it shouldn't be counted as a means of magnifying the magnitude of the pandemic and its dangers when in fact such cases pose no danger, quite the opposite, they are part of the path to getting herd immunity…

  2. [COVID: Trump Supporters Are Over It.]
    Reality Check:
    -Pence is about to go into quarantine
    because his staff is infected.
    -These rally's that Trump is having
    are bonified super spreader events.
    -The Covid bioagent can stay in the body
    undetected even after one "gets over it."
    -There is no lasting antibody effect.
    -The bioagent can reoccur after the original infection
    "leaves the body."
    -The effects of the virus can impair mental capacity
    (of the President) and negatively impact long term health.
    And the list goes on and on.
    Timcast is filling his viewers with a false narrative
    that could get them into trouble.
    And it's all so that he can continue to bilk them of money
    by telling them what they think they want to hear.
    This is reckless, irresponsible and unforgivable Timmy.
    But.., par for the course.
    Jus sayin.., caveat emptor.

  3. Here in the UK, flu killed more people than covid last month and was not even in the top ten, as for reasons of death, yet we’re still entering another lockdown, in certain areas.

  4. @Timcast It's not that Covid == Flu. It's that Flu deaths are being counted as Covid deaths. It's in the CDC numbers. Over 60k Covid deaths have Flu as a comorbidity. It doesn't have to be a conspiracy. Stupidity is enough.

  5. 3:25 It makes perfect sense when you take into account that WuFlu is several times more contagious than the seasonal flu, and covering mouth and nose, along with decreasing contacts, is alot more effective to get the seasonal flu replication rate under 1.

    Hong Kong has routine testing for several viruses and back in Winter at the start of the year, when people all wore masks in fear of the WuFlu, everything in the realm of respiratory infections, from flu strains to adenoviruses, fell to basically zero.

  6. I see a lot of people saying they're lying to pollsters to deliberately make Biden's numbers look better than they should be…
    Trusting the MSM on anything these days is useless. They don't report news only opinions of the left.

  7. ??? Tim is such a partisan hack now! All he does is scream about riots and violence not being the answer and how we should never bow to those using that method to demand change. Where was that take on this video? He’s a Fuckin grifter.

  8. Wish Tim would make a list of all these politicians that are not lying and exaggerating.
    How about
    Joe Biden
    Hillary clinton
    Nancy pelosi
    Chuck schumer
    Jerry Nadler
    Adam Schiff
    Harry Reid
    Maxine waters
    Eric Swalwell
    Illhan Omar
    Ect ect ect ect
    Tim Pool you can give it a rest

  9. there were similar protests in Germany and Switzerland, a colourful mix of families, gay rights activists, libertarians and far right people. But it was unanimously labbeled as exclusively far right. European media is almost as biased as the US ones…

  10. The Second Wave will merely be more tested cases , there will be little to no increase in the death rate. As this goes on it becomes more and more apparent this Covid 19 is amounting to little more than a bad flu. The data is already showing this. In Europe a panel of Doctors is suing the EU and in their presentation they showed that when you separate for people who died of Covid vs those who died of something else but tested positive for Covid 19 then it (Covid 19) doesn't even make the top 10 of cause of death since July 2020 til the end of Sept.

  11. There's something that you people in the blue states that are still locked down are missing. Those of us in red states have largely gotten on with our lives. Most of us are back to work, and have been for months. We take basic precautions (distancing, masks where appropriate, sanitizer, etc), but otherwise businesses are mostly open, our economies are still running, companies are hiring, and life is for the most part somewhat normal.

    And then we look at you poor saps in blue states, complaining about still being locked down or having major restrictions, and we just shake our heads. You people are basically prisoners in your own states. On one level we don;t really feel sorry for you because you voted your leaders into office and brought it on yourselves, but on another level… Well, human beings shouldn't be locked up like that without just cause.

    I supported the lockdowns at first because we didn't know what we were dealing with. Once it became obvious that COVID is more akin to a harsh flu than an airborne ebola, locking down didn't make sense any more.

    The truth is that those areas that are still locked down are locked down solely for political reasons. And Leftists who still live in mortal fear of COVID are simply delusional.

  12. Flu down by 98% ? You’d have to be crazy to think that COVID cases are mostly just the flu. Guess I’m crazy! But what does that make someone else who scoffs and wants to think that lockdowns have almost stopped the flu WORLDWIDE? LOL! Braindead?

  13. In Greely, Colorado there was a protest by residents of a nursing home against the lockdowns. One of the residents said "I'd rather die of Covid than loneliness. This is what is really happeninbg.

  14. Tim. If you do not read up from an Expert in this field you will continue to make errors.
    You may have an "opinion" where there is 'doubt' BUT – NOT an Opinion which is FALSE. That just makes you look uninformed and foolish.
    I URGE YOU to check as below – From a previously NHS Hospital employed Pathologist / Virologist.
    Firstly – coronaviruses exist.
    Second – a small relative number of people have died / and will die from corona, just like Flu but less.
    So – As above, This is NOT a corona "Denial" conspiracy piece.
    It is simply that you are MISINFORMED and NEED The Epidemiology and Facts from an expert –
    # There is NO SUCH THING as a "second wave" – It is NOT Possible in the Epidemiology of viruses. Its a Fearmongering SCAM HOAX.
    # There is NO PANDEMIC – It's a "casedemic" Scam Hoax based on a so called 'test' that CANNOT Even identify ANY INFECTION.
    The Whole thing is NOW a LIE.
    This Doctor Lays it all out – With Facts and Evidence;-
    Dr Mike Yeadon has a degree in biochemistry and toxicology, a research-based PhD in respiratory pharmacology, has spent over 30 years leading new medicines research in the pharmaceuticals industry, and founded his own biotech company;-

  15. Flu transmits the same as covid. There are no flu deaths because EVERY death that should be attributed to flu is called a covid death. Covid 19 is a hoax.

  16. Its gotten to the point where I barely believe covid even exists, it makes sense that they would just misdiagnose any case that presents simptoms as covid. The flu isn't going away, it is just wearing a covid costume.