RIP CHAZ – Thanks For The Laughs!

Or ‘How Doomers once again tried to snatch Defeat from the jaws of Victory”

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Written by The Rageaholic

The Excellence of Elocution


  1. Man I haven't been getting any of your videos for a couple months now .I guess I have to go looking for them if I want to see your style of madness,which I definitely do.

  2. Same shit in Chicago. War zone. Dumb Beetlejuice mayor tearing down statues but the protesters came to her door too! Hahahahaha. Liberals are pathetic

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  4. Its funny that what moore says about Trump throwing grenades is what he has being doing for 30 years , except keeping the food industry going , what hgave you done ?? made a lot of money !

  5. Left and Right are diametrically opposed – or are they?
    The Left is incapable of putting forth an actual candidate worthy of the position. I think that the Right know this.
    This election is very similar to 2004. We have a one term president aiming for another term and seemingly will stop at nothing to achieve it, and the Left puts forth their best weapon -? It's a joke. Joe Biden may be better qualified to be president, but he lacks the ability to be President.
    I think the Left are going to lose this election, with the knowledge that another four years of Trump will all but destroy America and they want to see it happen. Come 2024, no matter who the Democrats put forth against the nominated Republican candidate, they will win with a landslide. The Republicans will be extinguished for years to come.
    Trump campaigned on the promised to Make America Great Again, he just forgot to mention that it meant destroying it first.
    The best thing the Republicans can do to save their party and the country would be to let Biden win come November. Because then and only then will they be able to say – See? We told you so.
    The difference being that will come after only 4 years at the hands of Trump. If it comes after eight, I fear the damage will be almost insurmountable.
    There sure as hell better be a vaccine or treatment for Covid-19 before then, or else regardless of what side of the road you're on, you can kiss your ass goodbye. Live for today, right?

  6. It should be mentioned how much of a piece of shit Michael Moore's little speech reveals him to be. He sees plainly WHY the people love Trump. Why they hate the elites. He lays out exactly what those people did to them, taking their jobs and livelihoods and everything. And he sides AGAINST Trump and those people and sides with the Elites. What. A. Douche.

  7. I'm a black man, voted dem since I've been able to vote. First time I was able to was in 2008 for Obama, I voted for him two times and voted Hillary in 2016 for no other reason to just please those around me. I'm voting Trump this time, and I'm going to lie to all my dem voting family and peers way up to the point that it's time to cast my vote.

    Most of the people around me have no idea of what the fuck they support. They just know they're democrats and that who they traditionally vote for because they're blacked.

    I don't care what anyone says. Trump era has been good to me. Best job I've ever had in his 4 years. I don't see this "oppression" and "dictatorship" he's supposedly pushing. My life under Obama's or Bush's administration was no better. Then again anytime the president is opposite of what they believe in they call them Hitler, a facist or what ever dumb shit they read off facebook and twitter feeds.

    First off I'm dropping identity with either party. Going independent. But the democrats and their cronies can suck my dick. I go to the barbershop and in the past 4 years I hear more and more black men (the ones who can actually hold an argument) in favor of Trump. The pussy ones can only give you the standard "Trump racist!" bullshit. And I'm honestly happy to see this. I just hope they take it too the polls.

  8. Omg ! " combs his hair with a fuckin balloon " fuckin funny man , u make me laugh bro..plz keep up the awesome work u do !!

  9. I would like to point out that the riots of 1968 made the country veer right. It's a big reason why Nixon was elected. I shake my head at the fact the left never learned this lesson. The left is all about making sure nobody can tell anyone no, so automatically they're against law and order — which means automatically they are going to lose elections because of riots.

  10. Rage; I'm not sure what kind of abuse you endured as a child. But I sure enjoy what it's turned you into…. Tongue in cheek…lmbo you are rich in relaying thoughts… Refreshing young man. Refreshing. I'll subscribe.

  11. I usually hate your bashing of the left, but I find myself agreeing with you. Far left are eating each other, and all the right has to do is watch and laugh. I think they're still gonna lose this election though… Trump still fucked up so royally he's not safe anywhere. But the democrats adapt by having another DGAF candidate and stop caring just how much of a sack of shit he is, then brought in a vice president who's pretty much the cop the left hates, not giving a fuck about what the far left think because they've got their vote anyways, but gives the middle a more palatable choice. It'll be a fuck you alright. A fuck you to the right.