Ripoff real estate results in blighted neighborhoods.

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07:27 – Empty block

Written by Louis Rossmann


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  1. I watched this happen to NYC as I lived there. Slowly every place I loved closed and the only places that could afford to open were Starbucks, Chipotle, or a national bank branch. Pretty soon they weren't opening those. Now, I live in SF and it's just as bad if not worse.

  2. Wouldn't call Bedford Stuyvesant / Crown Heights an urban blighted area. You're not going to find abandoned buildings or unmaintained vacant lots there. People are still paying way over $1 mil for a townhouse to live there. Developers are also still putting up new buildings. Those row of empty stores with no for rent signs, likely means they belong to a building that is going to be demolished and a new development is going up. True there is a lot of vacant store fronts but residential real estate has recovered to pre covid levels and commercial real estate will eventually recover might take a few years. Worked in the industry long enough to see these up and down cycles a couple of times.

  3. So Luis here is your ah ha! Moment. You should move now! There are plenty of large cities that have the population to support your business! Dallas Texas or god forbid Orange County Califailure!!! You will look back and wonder why you ever lived there!

  4. What's the point of raising the rent so high? If they stay empty then they can't make money and therefore the state doesn't collect that huge tax regardless…. And the more and more businesses leave the less culture and diverse businesses you'll have and therefore less and less people go into those areas anyway.

  5. Two States that respect and encourages small businesses: Texas and Florida. And they both offer great scenery and great weather and you'll feel like actually getting up in the morning, knowing your business is thriving instead of hemorrhaging money every day. I live in California and i'm counting the days and months to finally make my new move to be able to start my own thing. Wising you the best Louis, blessings and continued success! It just come to the point, when we say to ourselves, enough in enough. Get out of the bondage of the slavery in Egypt and move to breath new air in the promised land. The grass is actually greener on the other side, even if it takes 40 years wandering in the wilderness to finally be able to enter.

  6. Soooo, landlords would rather have their stuff empty than reduce rent? I feel like I'm missing a piece of a puzzle here…maybe just waiting out the pandemic?

  7. Yeah… ghetto patterned concrete. That black dot, spat out chewing gum, flattened by pedestrians on the sidewalk looks so random that one should just market that random pattern for floor tiles.

  8. Sometimes you just realize that pretty much everything is a scam and that pretty much everyone is awful, even your friends and family, the torrent of bad news never stops and this sinking feeling just won't go away. I think it's called depression and they mistake it for a disorder.

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