Rishi Sunak Spills The Beans on Lockdowns

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  1. I will NEVER forget what this bastard government did. My father had a very miserable lonely last few weeks in hospital, unable to understand why we couldn't come in and see him. They wouldn't even let him have the muffins we dropped off for him. They were intercepted and disposed of by the security guard on the door. He died totally alone, sedated with midazolam (against our wishes) by the doctors who just wrote him off cause they wanted the bed back. 😡

  2. "So by that point they're surrounding me, at least eight or nine of them, big, mean looking lads, right? But I didn't even feel any fear, it was like pure instinct. Bam! I smash the biggest one across the bridge of his nose and he goes down. I barely have time to sidestep a haymaker from the bloke next to him and then I'm ducking a knife blade coming at me from the other side. It's all a blur of whirling fists, feet and weapons but at the end of it there's only me and one other bloke standing. And I look at him, dead in the eyes, and I smile and say 'I'm warmed up now', and he drops the machete he's holding and he just runs like he's being chased by a pack of wild dogs."

    -Rishi Sunak describing a cabinet meeting

  3. Remember when Rishi single handedly sabotaged rail cars in France the night before D-Day, stopping the 2nd SS Panzer Division from driving the Allies into the sea?
    I've heard his name translated directly to English is Divine Gigachad.

    (Edited for historical accuracy)

  4. You better not cry, you better not moan
    He's got virus grants and emergency loans
    Rishi sunak helping us all,

    I bought a nice smile and dark shiny hair,
    I throw around cash so you know that i care,
    Rishi sunak is helping us all,

  5. Sunak, who was Chancellor of the Exchequer, says that the government lied. The same government in which he held one of the top 3 positions. So HE lied, now he wants trust?

  6. Rishi Sunak would be a disaster for the British people. He is the ultimate empty suit rich banker wanker, WEF shill. He is everything that is wrong about the tories.

    Even more than he already has been. He is guilty for our inflation. The man is probably the single greatest threat against us. Truss won't be good either, but we absolutely must not have Sunak.

  7. It actually makes me sick to see this man who was complicit in removing my freedom now lie and say he was against it. I actually despise this cretin manlet. I've honestly never had such an emotional hatred for a politician. I think probably because he is such a slimeball, he has no integrity. He would say or do anything for power, he is absolutely detestable. I hope karma exists to punish this evil, evil man.

    God help us should he become our leader.

  8. If you are in cabinet and an "expert" can't explain their model, you reject it.

    If someone can't explain a statistical model they don't understand it. If they won't explain they are dishonest.

  9. Isn't the UK Chancellor one of the most powerful people in the government after the PM (possibly de facto 2nd in command)? Sunak must have been pretty useless if he couldn't even get information about what was going on.

  10. Not being funny but I work in live events as a stagehand and there are hundreds of us on any given arena/stadium show so banning live events had an impact on all of us not being able to work and therefore all of us ending up in a lot of debt to survive. I'm guessing it meant no impact on stopping covid but still though.

  11. When Rishi Sunak said "For Frodo…" before charging towards an army of White Walkers with his Lightsabre on Arrakis, it brought a tear to my eye.
    So stunning, so brave.

  12. I appreciate you highlighting that they don't address the morality of it. The proper function of government is not to attempt to manage things for some utilitarian goal, it's too protect your rights – freedoms of speech, property, association…

    The conservatives are trash, and Labour are even worse.

  13. Rishi Sunak lead the UK through it’s darkest hour and defeated the Germans (some say single handily) in both world wars, surely we can trust him to get us through the next one… right?

  14. Science is owned by the government, the philanthropic side of it is owned by the Bill Gates and the late Jeffery Epstein types. The rest is commercial greed, which is pharmaceutical company owned as allowed by (purchased from) government patent and regulation.

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