The hosts answer viewer questions in another edition of #RisingQs.

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  1. There was fear towards the end of this segment, right? They surely did not want to say too much and lean out too far from the window. I understand, they, too, do not want the FBI knocking on their door soon after a too freethinking / right wing / left government criticizing episode…

  2. The scene in Johnny Got His Gun, best sums up the situation. The boy ask his father “what is democracy ? To which the father replies “ Democracy is when any father will give his only begotten son.

  3. Secession was legal, the states joined the union with explicit understanding that they could leave if the federal government became tyrannical. It'was the war of northern aggression the south didn't invade the north, it just wanted to be a separate country. A civil war is fighting for control of the same territory or land. Again, that wasn't the case, the south wanted to be a separate country, and check your history secession was taught as legal even at West point prior to the war. Anyway enjoy your videos, etc. Robert Castello Dixie General Store Heflin Alabama

  4. incoming "looook we dont have any more stufff,lets get new stuuuufff,lets allocate some new stuffffff,ukrane got all our stufff so we need to replace it"

  5. our cultural norm of debate and argument has conditioned to half-assed constraints, why I don't know, so things go around in circles….there is a solution in tech, but not the likewise constrained that we are currently allowed

  6. Der, you poured billions into Afghan, and you want to do the same in Ukran. You like the Forever War and this is the next chapter . You could help your own people but the Globalist view wants to keep you poor and you will be happy. So stop complaining and just give up your freedom!

  7. Democrats still say Gore won in 2000, Kerry won in 2004, and Hillary won in 2016.

    Hillary and others including government agencies tried to use the Trump colluded with Russia hoax to remove remove Trump from office.

    There are a lot of anomalies and irregularities about the 2020 election that have been overlooked or ignored that should have been investigated.

  8. Biden buries his family's (Hunter) dirty business through war, launders billions as "aid", and rewards the Military Industrial complex. All at the same time.

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