Ro Khanna BACKS Biden Running In 2024 | The Kyle Kulinski Show

Kyle Kulinski criticized Ro Khanna for comments on Fox News coming out in support of Biden running again in 2024

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  1. And Kyle, even though you admit that you do not read your comments, what are you gonna say when Biden, or Harris, Buddigieg IS the candidate in 2024, what are you gonna say to us. I bet once again it is: well support the lesser of two evils. I say walk away, walk far away. It is not a fact that Trump is worse than Biden. It is all bad for us. The entrenched Democrats will not allow, now or forever, a drift toward any politics but faithful service to the corporate elite. The rich will keep getting richer and we will continue to suffer equally under whichever Party is in power.

  2. Kyle must be packing some serious meat for Krystal to keep giving him time on her channel……. at least this time he was decent . Usually make me sick. Props to him for slaying the milf and getting the push

  3. I'ma strong Democrat (Traditional Liberal) and twice Biden voter but I've turned from that to an UNSURE in 2024, because he doesn't ACT and isn't LEADING. I voted for him BELIEVING he'll pass the baton to the next generation…

  4. Yes, he's saying he'll support the person most likely to be the democrat runner (despite that being Biden.) It's the same as you supported Biden told people "vote for him" despite his flaws. – The same as you keep supporting the "justice democrats" despite their unwillingness or sheer inability to actually do anything, and the same as you inevitably will support Biden despite his unwilling and inability to actually do anything, and (in ~18 months) will once again be saying vote Biden… and saying it's the best you've got.

  5. You're LATE! Ro "Sillicon Valley aka My wife pays into the military industrial complex" Khanna has been shilling for the democratic party. He is looking to SECURE THE DNC SUPPORT FOR HIS OWN CAREER. HE IS A FRAUD JUST LIKE THE REST OF THE SO CALLED PROGRESSIVES IN THAT BOTTOM FEEDING PARTY. #3RDPARTY Krystal's softball interview was VERY telling for a white woman who cares sooooo much about "working class people."

  6. Kyle uses his platform to utter Hilary's friend Fetterman or any other establishment dem instead of 3rd parties locally and nationally, tells me that he will always vote within his CLASS. He's a left leaning liberal. An enemy.

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