Robby, Kim, & Ryan PREDICT 2022 midterms outcomes: blowout in the house, toss up in the Senate?

Ryan Grim, Kim Iversen, and Robby Soave make their 2022 midterm election predictions.

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  1. It is a lie that most people stayed the same! Almost half the country switched to an Independent from Democrat and Republican. It is a duopoly that work together do drive out decent in their party they are affiliated with. Sounds like you guys are pushing a narrative to keep people divided instead of bringing them together to solve our problems as a group to make sure nobody is left behind!

  2. Watching these mandates destroy lives and businesses have turned me away from the democrats completely but I'm not ever going to be a republican I was an independent and switched when trump became a real contender so I could vote in the primaries in my state. Now I'm free flowing and will vote only for my own interests but I believe there are very few politicians on either side that give a real f**k about Americans

  3. So now ur going to back up republicans after lieing for a year and a half. TheHill doesn't care about the truth. They are Democrats in sheep clothing

  4. The BIG elephant (not necessarily Republican) in the room is if the Supreme Court comes down with a verdict on something that galvanizes one group in an emotional single-ticket to activism. Abortion anyone? If the Supreme Court is fair, they will only release their opinion AFTER the election. Ladies and Gentlemen, fasten your safety belts.

  5. Let's not get too hasty here, because the American people has not forgotten about January 6th when the horrific insurrection happened at the Capitol. I'm not too certain that all Republicans will retain their seats in both the house and Senate. Personally how can American citizen want to switch to the Republican party, knowingly that they were involved in the orchestrated insurrectionist that happened at the Capitol building and lied about it.

  6. The Dems did not do a thorough postmortem of the results of 2016. They just fell back on Orange Man Bad as their Party Platform and Russia, Russia, Russia. Yeah, they won a temporary victory in 2018 and 2020. But that was aresult of 2 things. First, Eddie Munster spent 2 years fighting Trump and not doing what the electorate wanted. And, in 2020, Elmer Fudd refused to sign on to the $2000 stimulus check that many were in dire straits of needing and lost the Senate. The House nearly flipped in 2020 but Nanny doubled down on her narrow majority and hasn't passed much of anything. And Joe is a disaster as Pres.

  7. Georgia's Governor,Attorney general, secretary of state or anybody else DO NOT,CAN NOT make law! Only the legislative branch& congress can create& pass laws! Georgia DID NOT have a valid election! They, the electors,should by the costitution decertify the 2020election!

  8. I predict that the initial vax for COVID will remain free but we will eventually have to start paying for the boosters since it appears they are going to be a permanent part of our healthcare.

  9. Democrats are corrupt and they side on illegality and against Americans. When criminals and illegals are favored over honest, hardworking Americans, your party is finished.

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