Robby Soave: Biden Clings To EMERGENCY POWERS Despite Admitting The Pandemic Is OVER

Robby Soave makes the case that if President Biden says the pandemic is over, the emergency powers he used to declare it should come to an end as well. #Biden #Pandemic #covid

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  1. It’s a scam for midterm votes. It’ll never happen. The federal government benefits financially from scamming college kids. Unlike other developed countries, who invest in their youth, we rip ours off.

  2. The Democrats knew the entire time that they weren’t gonna be able to cancel any student debt, they just want the Republicans to look like the bad guys for stopping it. forgiving student debt is a middle finger to everyone that didn’t go to college. It’s no one else’s fault the Democrats have pushed young people into degrees that will never pay for their college

  3. Biden said it but how long before the Whitehouse comes out and says he wrong and there is still a pandemic. Kinda like how Biden said we would defend Tawain and then the Whitehouse says that isn't true. I guess Biden isn't really in charge or has the final say about anything.

  4. dying "having" COVID, big difference than dying "from" COVID… ask yourself how many people die every day "having" diabetes, heart issues, obesity, high sugar, etc. but NOT "from" any of these??? …spinning stats and numbers to fit narrative.

  5. another good take by bot but Briahana take is best Biden is addled but he does not want to forgive student debt he is in truth a Republican after all, why he always uses bipartisanship for everything

  6. Look no farther than Bri's halfwitt rebuttals to understand why the Risings ratings are in the can. BRI NONE OF THOSE AUTHORITIES GIVES THE PRESIDENT THE POWER TO FORGIVE. Only congress can spend money a.k.a control to the purse……but but but he could have……..NO BRI NO.

    Where is she getting her info from NYT, Joy Reid, Don Lemon…..whomever it is they know nothing.

  7. I knew COVID would be "over" when the government got tired of giving out money to average people. It's "over" because businesses want their workers back, commercial office rental spaces want their tenants back, and the rich are tired of the relative inconveniences and restrictions that affected them despite their seemingly unlimited ability to order the rest of us to wait on them hand and foot with the click of a app. I also love how Biden's handlers are walking this back because his statement affected the stock price of Pfizer.

  8. He’s in so far over his head! I feel that he thought, or was told, being president would be pretty easy. I think he just wants out and is deliberately or subconsciously trying to sabotage himself.

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